Totem Acoustic Sky Loudspeaker Review Specs

5 in cone woofer, 1.3 in soft dome tweeter; 6.35 x 12 x 9 in (WxHxD); 18 lb (pair)
Price: $1,850/pair

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Totem Acoustic
Totem Acoustic

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*Sigh* I am hoping to purchase a pair of these very speakers when I move this Summer, specifically because they are NOT choosy about placement. 6 inches from the back wall is as close as I have found for ANY manufacturer of bookshelf speakers, and the fact that they can be as close as 2 feet apart, or as far as 8? I encourage you to do the following: Those other speakers that cost under two grand that you mention toward the end of your review? Download the manufacturer's manuals for ALL of them, and see what they recommend for placement. If these Totems can really sound good a foot from the back wall, I'm sold.

Al Griffin's picture
My comments about the Sky being finicky had to do with my own struggle to get them to sound good in my room/system. You may have better luck in yours. Otherwise, they are fine-performing speakers and since Totem only sells through dealers, you'll get an opportunity to give them a listen before you buy.
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I've owned Totem speakers for years (Forests and Rainmakers) and they are very good. However, Totem goes full-in on the audiophile-nonsense. The idea that any speaker could possibly require 70-100 hours of break-in is factory-farm grade BS.

willieconway's picture

The fact that the cables used are even mentioned negates the whole article for me.

Of course, the manufacturer of the particular cable has an ad right by the article. And if the commenter above thinks that Totem goes full-in on nonsense, he should click on the ad and see what nonsense really is.

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Willieconway - look up Totem Beaks for peak audiophile shenanigans.

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Oh wow. OK, you win.

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Are you going to measure these speakers? Based on some other measurements I have seen from Totem speakers, I would say they are all hype, and no substance as they appear to have some very large resonances.

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Always liked the sound of Totems. Their imaging has always been outstanding among other attributes.
As far as cables are concerned; I dare you to connect your speakers with a single fine strand of wire and listen. Then connect them with any decent audiophile cable and listen again.
Condemning a free internet publication for advertising is like saying that everybody should work for free in this world and making an honest living is a sin. Sounds like a perverted form of communism or anarchy to me.

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You misspelled "audiophool". Also, I don't think anarchy means what you think it means.