SpeakerCraft Previews In-Wall Height Speaker

Designed to help in-wall speaker users maintain a discreet look while still being able to enjoy next-generation object-based audio soundtracks like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, SpeakerCraft demonstrated its new AIM Series 2 ATX100, the company's first in-wall Dolby Atmos-enabled height module.

The height element is essential to capturing the hemispherical, immersive quality of these next generation audio formats, and for times when a speaker can’t be installed overhead in the ceiling, the Atmos-enabled module can be the perfect solution. To date, these modules have been mostly designed to sit atop a regular bookshelf or floorstanding speaker, but with the ATX100, SpeakerCraft has created an in-wall module that serves the same purpose.

The ATX100 fits into a standard 2x4 wall construction and its angled drivers project the height content to reflect off the ceiling, bouncing audio down to the listener so that sound appears to come from overhead. SpeakerCraft also created optional grills that can cover both an ATX100 and Profile AIM LCR5 with a single grill when they are mounted tight together, creating a far more finished, uniformed look.

The ATX100 is a two-way design with dual 2 ½-inch FEA optimized Kevlar mid-bass drivers and a ¾-inch titanium dome tweeter capable of handling 125-watts. The speaker meets Dolby’s requirements for Atmos enables residential applications and will be available in November for $349.