Sony UBP-X800 Ultra HD Blu-ray Player Review Specs

Dimensions (WxHxD, Inches): 17 x 2.25 x 10.75
Weight (Pounds): 8.5
Video Outputs: HDMI
Audio Outputs: HDMI, coaxial digital
Other: LAN, USB
Price: $300

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Does this play HDCD?

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Just bought a 75" Sony tv, great picture but much to my chagrin Sony, as a rule , does not support a large number of video formats. In fact support was so limited I would had to convert about 90% of my current library. The task of accessing my DNLA media server fell to my OPPO 203. Do you happen to have a list of supported video formats?...BTW please don't suggest using PlEX or something other that whats already in place. All of my Samsung and Oppo devices can access the lions share of my library out of the box. Sony and Roku just fall short in this regard.

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No matter how much people pine for it, the OPEN HDR10+ standard will do everything DV does and not require manufacturers (and consumers) to pay extra for it. Besides, the writing is already on the wall, HDR10 is REQUIRED for UHD Blu-Ray and DV is OPTIONAL. That sealed it's fate right there...along with Samsung's refusal to support it. Face it, it's not gonna happen.

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I don't know why Sony doesn't announce DV support for this. They said that their tv's with the Extreme processor will do DV and Sony is about to release DV UHD discs. It would be real disappointing for them to not update it to DV. If they don't, I will buy the OPPO 203 instead!

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Has DV and is a hundred bucks cheaper to boot.

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Is like Dolby Vision lite. Dolby Vision is set for the coming generations of TV's with 12 bit color and up to 10,000 nits of brightness. Hollywood studios are making movies for Dolby Cinema. Netflix is all in on DV. Samsung, Panasonic (gone from the US market), and Hisense are your only choices for HDR 10+ TV's currently. Dolby Vision has had a big head start and has enormous support. I wouldn't count on it going anywhere any time soon.

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I'm guessing the author only mention 2ch files in the article being used, it would be nice if he could verify/deny if MCH files can be played back as well, from the attached storage or from LAN. Thanks.

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How's the build quality? I ask because of a verified buyer review on Amazon who had two units fail.

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I listen to CD's all the time on mine.