Connect Your Home and Car with Meridian, Jaguar and Intel

In a technology demonstration Meridian, Jaguar and Intel combined to show how the future of a fully connected life could integrate both your home and automotive away lifestyle. Using integrated technologies that included a pair of Meridian DSP3200 digital speakers and a Sooloos music server, and a Meridian audio system in the Jaguar F-Pace SUV, notifications could be sent from the Jaguar to the TV in the home, and adjustments to the home could be mirrored to the SUV to insure a smooth transition between home and away living.

There were four primary aspects to the tech demo including personal inventory tracking, preferred temperature, seamless media transfer, and second driver notification.

Personal inventory tracking utilized Bluetooth markers to tag important items like a cell phone or tablet. When the car starts up it takes a quick “inventory” to confirm that all of you necessary items are with you, and if not, notifies you of their location inside the home.

Preferred temperature and seamless media transfer make sure that your transition into the vehicle is as painless as possible by keeping a constant state of temperature and entertaining flowing. For example, preferred temperature ensures that the car is turned on and the temperature is adjusted to the same environment as in the home, so that you enter a comfortable cabin. Conversely, when you arrive at home, the car then pushes the vehicle’s interior temp to the home’s thermostat so the house is set to your liking. Media transfer pauses the music inside the house and then picks up in the vehicle exactly where you left off.

Second driver notification can alert people at home to any issues in the vehicle. In the demonstration, when the rear hatch of the Jag was opened, it pushed a notification to the TV in the house that then showed real time video footage from the Jag’s back-up camera.

Meridian stressed this was just a technology demonstration, with no current plans on pricing or availability.