SVS Prime Satellite Sweepstakes

Register to win a SVS Prime Satellite 5.1 Home Theater System with SB-1000 Subwoofer (MSRP $999) we are giving away.

According to the company:

SVS is offering one Sound & Vision reader the chance to win a high end Prime Satellite 5.1 home theater system with SB-1000 Subwoofer. The SVS Prime system delivers an immersive surround sound experience with bass you can feel, flexible installation options and dynamics that far exceed its compact size. Enjoy the full impact of all your music, movies, TV and other content with this new high performance speaker system from SVS.

When entering we request that you tell us the first song or movie you would most like to experience with a new SVS Prime 5.1 Prime Satellite system. (Just your personal preference, no right or wrong answers and the drawing will be completely random.)

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed]

COMMENTS's picture

My brother has 13" round SVS subs and if they are any indication as to the quality of this package, then this should be a dynamite system!!!

Stevemwildcat's picture

I think the first movie I would watch would be Mad Max Fury Road! After that Furious 7.

Stevemwildcat's picture

I think the first movie I would watch would be Mad Max Fury Road! After that Furious 7.

wpd332's picture

I'd probably watch Saving Private Ryan first to really give the speakers a workout from the get-go!

asmpparker's picture

I have been the proud owner of their fantastic PBs-Plus for the last 11 years. Everyone is blown away by the level of excitement it generates, and how much it physically moves you, whether watching movies or playing video games. It is really cool that they have started making speaker systems too.

dswierenga's picture

I'd like to hear Faure's Requiem.

ceetee's picture

i know just how good SVS products are having owned the SB-2000 dual sub-woofers for 18 months now. would love this in my bedroom!

jlafount's picture

Rush - Limelight

jeffh's picture

I could really use this system.

mzweibel's picture

Wow! Sign me up, in, whatever.

DolopT's picture dream speaker system!

jiflatt's picture

Sounds good!

Filmgeek47's picture

I've just been researching a sub upgrade. How convenient...

Schlemstar's picture

I might be inclined to wait to demo these beauties with Star Wars The Force Awakens! But, if I couldn't wait that long I would go with one of my two staples right now: Skyfall or Guardians of the Galaxy. Great movies with great sound effects mixing & music!

redles's picture

Just bought a new house with more rooms and I need more speakers!'s picture

Star Trek.

dpinsd's picture

Excellent contest! The first movie I would watch is Jurrasic World

carvern2's picture

SVS are well designed, affordable speakers.

Eagleshadow's picture

I never listen to my TV without Surround Sound. My ancient system is due to be refreshed.

popthis's picture

Larks Tongue in Aspic

AU5000's picture

Would probably demo Eagles Hotel California DVD Audio first

ccfunkster's picture

Would be very nice in my condo home theatre set-up

stangage70's picture

My kids would like something to this effect for their starter theater setup.

wmaberle's picture

Miles Davis - - Bitches Brew

ccfunkster's picture

The latest of the Ape saga would be previewed fisry

maryZ's picture

H y'all! Husband and I just relocated...sold our house in Colorado, leaving behind an A/V system that was designed by one of the founders of the Colorado Audio Society (buyer insisted). Now we're in a Florida condo with nuttin'! This system would be just a wonderful start...knowing him, he'd have the Beach Boys/Brian Wilson on first unless he gets a motown/funk mood on!

moparz10's picture

the first movie i would watch would be Jurassic World my recent purchase,2nd would be U-571,after that would break out some pink floyd cd's. thanks for the chance at winning these awesome speakers.

OHMSEN's picture

Just in time for Christmas.

ruben1972's picture

My first movie I'd like to experience would be Mad Max Fury Road.

Jeff Moulder's picture

I actually just recommended an svs-1000 to my friend as an upgrade to finish out his new 5.1 system,and would love to get an upgrade myself!

fk's picture

SVS, some of the Best of the Best out here, Music or Movies.

mjonthe12r's picture

A little something old Boston, a little something new Shamans Harvest on the SVS.

cv_engineer's picture

Capital Records 1974 reissue of Leo Kottke's "ice water" album, the "Pamela Brown" track.

Timogin1626's picture

First movie to watch: LOTR - The Return of the King. This speaker system would be a nice upgrade.

larree's picture

I have a PB 10 and need the ultra mains and rears.

fotoguy53's picture

Sure would be an awesome upgrade from my 15-year-old Mission Omni350 speakers...the ones with one dead tweeter and buzzing speaker cones. Oh yea, and did I forget to mention my 25-year-old Radio Shack Optimus subwoofer ( that kinda still works). Being a dad has its priorities.

fotoguy53's picture

OOPS I forgot to start off with a movie...I think 'Gravity' would be an awesome choice. Although my prized vinyl copy of 'Kind of Blue' by Miles Davis may get first play honors.

Nuz1's picture

What a great prize!

Nuz1's picture

Edge of Tomorrow opening scene. That will test the sub!!

MSGjk's picture

Would be great to hear Mad Max Fury Road in these.Good luck to all.

jhwalker's picture

Just what I need :)

robspics's picture

sounds good by what the comments are

uavkuroda's picture

Wow love this website
its content and prizes

ALIEN8's picture

I have a cylider sub from SVS. I ike it...Hope I win this contest.

otherwillsmith's picture

That would be a fantastic addition to my system :-)

dbtommy's picture

Just got a call from Movie Stop that Jurasic World on BLURAY was in for pickup!!! Havnt seen it yet.
Or Jeff Beck'Live at Ronnie Scotts'!!!!!!!!!!
Cant wait to hear that SUB with matching 5.(1)!!!

Stevend75's picture

Would be nice for my new theater room.

tin ear's picture

If I had this system, the first movie I'd watch is "O'Brother Where Art Thou."

shafbm01's picture

Those little monitors sound quite good too! HDS Peerless poly woofers and Tymphany aluminum domes are a great start to great sound!

I would so like to have these!

Rozako's picture

A friend just offered me a Denon AV receiver. I'm still on a 25 year old stereo. All I would need is... a surround speaker system! Let's see, the first thing I would listen too... Tom Petty's Mojo, something from Niko Case or Rabbit Wilde? How 'bout a subscription to a high def music stream? As for movies, I still haven't seen Master and Commander, or maybe catch up on the Avenger movies, or see my old favorite Blade Runner or...

Tigerman67's picture

what a sweepstakes!! giving the gift of audiophile sound

cableguy_834's picture

I'd watch mission impossible IV... :)

kigarashi's picture

Avengers: Age of Ultron Blu-ray.

DarkSide's picture

Cool. Gonna test the system with the original Star Wars film. Can't wait!

Crhitch8's picture

Good luck all!

rilid's picture

Would love to try these speakers out with Jurassic World!

ebjarrell's picture

I would have to use my old standard of Jurassic Park as the first movie to watch.

rjpjr's picture

great stuff

cdxskier's picture

I promise: they will be well used and we'll loved!

thisismyname123's picture

Pick me pick me!!!!

cgorab's picture

Would love to try these out. Would definitely play The Matrix elevator scene to hear the bullets whizzing and shells hitting the floor. Then maybe Dark Side of the Moon in 5.1

Tcramer's picture

Entering to win!

areesemd's picture

Jack Johnson "Bubbletoes" Has some great bass in the middle.

keelerdr's picture

"Saving Grace" by Tom Petty...when the bass notes hit about a minute into the song = awesome

I'd like to watch Thor, good mix of bass, surround effects, and dialogue.

kidrada2's picture

Hope to win can always use a new set of speakers

gacf2008's picture

I will try first master and commander, then the hobbit, battle of five armies and enjoy the show.

JB1969's picture

Always wanted an SVS system! Tough call on what to demo first. I think I would watch Interstellar. :)

abbaszand's picture

I've been a fan of SVS products. Thanks for the opportunity.

mike231's picture

Would ike to see and hear the Martians

mailiang's picture

SVS subs and speakers offer the best bang for the buck!

scottslice's picture

I would love to be able to watch Terminator Genisys with this set up. Especially since my center speaker died last week.

anniegailfincher's picture

I'd like to experience the Beatles 1+ Blu-ray and CD set that's going to be released on November 6th. It would sound really great on this system.

Randall Lewis's picture

I would love to win this system. SVS makes some very impressive audio products and this would fit into my room perfectly.

hippyod's picture

Chemical Brothers - Wonders of the Deep

pmckenna3's picture

Would love to hear what any of the Star Wars
movies sound like on this system.

rcmike75's picture

Would love to here "Man Of Steel" on this system.

Troyh4's picture

Would be great to have this setup as I'm having to start from scratch buying all of my home theater gear. I can definitely make this work!

jjbechto's picture

This would be an incredible upgrade of a similar 5.1 system I've had for 13 years! The first song I'd throw on would be a great hi-res version of "Free Fallin'" I just downloaded and then followed by the "Trip to County" scene in Dark Knight. Thanks!

bkeeler10's picture

I'd play Insurgent. Loved the mix on that one.

sakruse1's picture

This is already on my shortlist for a speaker upgrade. I would start with The Eagles, Seven Bridges Road (dts track from Hell Freezes Over).

fstevea's picture

Please select me!!!

altankenis's picture

Would love to watch The Avengers: Age of Ultron or Jurassic World with the new SVS Prime Satellite 5.1 Home Theater System

jpotuz's picture

I have a new house with a dedicated room for these :)

renaldo7777's picture

The 1st album I'd listen to on my new SVS system would be The Allman Brothers Band-Live At Fillmore East.

tonyfavia's picture

Great system, the first song I would test on it would probably be "Aja" by Steely Dan. Thanks!

atty4hire's picture

The first movie I'd watch on this system is the Avengers...then I may need to upgrade to the Towers and experience Atmos.

acornwafer's picture

Lots of comments lol! :)
Good luck to everyone!

rondip's picture

My first demo would be Owner of the Lonely Heart by Yes

jmillard's picture


wxmanrocks's picture

No doubt--I would play the entire "Dark Side of the Moon" LP.