SVS Prime Satellite Sweepstakes

Register to win a SVS Prime Satellite 5.1 Home Theater System with SB-1000 Subwoofer (MSRP $999) we are giving away.

According to the company:

SVS is offering one Sound & Vision reader the chance to win a high end Prime Satellite 5.1 home theater system with SB-1000 Subwoofer. The SVS Prime system delivers an immersive surround sound experience with bass you can feel, flexible installation options and dynamics that far exceed its compact size. Enjoy the full impact of all your music, movies, TV and other content with this new high performance speaker system from SVS.

When entering we request that you tell us the first song or movie you would most like to experience with a new SVS Prime 5.1 Prime Satellite system. (Just your personal preference, no right or wrong answers and the drawing will be completely random.)

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed]

cadmo12's picture

These would be a fine addition to my room! Already looking for new speakers and these have been high on my list!

billykeener's picture

Would be nice to have a decent 5.1 system plus I could spend all my budget on the receiver with the speakers out of the way

xgrifter's picture

First movie to test it out would have to be Tron Legacy
First song would be Social Distortion's Footprints On My Ceiling

jvw997's picture

If I won these I'd watch Guardians of the Galaxy with them because I still haven't seen it!

Kyzug's picture

Metallica, "Through the Never" Bluray in DTS 5.1

Mister Leadfoot's picture

I would totally rock this! I needs it!!!

r2vctra's picture

My choice of movie Master and Commander, or Avatar.

sixsigmaguy's picture

I would love to watch Lord of the Rings with this system.

hopkiba's picture

Bob Marley No Woman No Cry

woodenshoe's picture

First Demo: Flight of the Phoenix or U-571 to test out that sub Prime Satellites

John Sully's picture

For the bedroom. I already have Prime towers for the living room.

RhysO's picture

I would love to have these, and would start with the Blu-Ray of Apocalypse Now. Thank you.

Mono's picture

Another great contest!

bisadh's picture

My first movie would be MI.

mikerr's picture

...too late

gonzosparky04's picture

Need it.

smelonakos's picture win this sweepstakes! I'd love to listen to ALO's new album, Tangle of Time, on this sweet system!

mr_dent's picture

Would be what I would say if I won these speakers.

jevansoh's picture

The first thing I would play would be Bela Fleck & The Flecktones - Flight of the Cosmic Hippo and then I would check out Gravity in Atmos as I'd like to pair these with my new Marantz AV8802a as Atmos speakers and add the sub as a nearfield sub for what I hope would be the ultimate in surround and bass satisfaction! Sure hope I win!!!

wts11233's picture


marc sortino's picture

I would crank up some classic Black Sabbath!

dixie_flatline's picture

I'd have a matched pair of sb-1000s. :D

First thing I'd do would be a long listening session of Infected Mushroom.

Bsheposu's picture

Just moved to a new house that has a spot for a home theater room and these would be an awesome start to the theater system.

canuck2's picture

Perfect addition for my new Samsung PN64F8500 TV

habittel's picture

Definitely Made Max Fury Road.

TowerTone's picture

"Flight of the Cosmic Hippo" is my choice, as I believe higher volumes of this song can slow global warming AND ISIS at the same time....

rooster19's picture

I'd give these a listen with PAcific Rim - underrated flick for sure!

mehuang's picture

Would love to hear these in the family room

ArchiCroc's picture

has to be Inception.

jax the listener's picture

This set has such a great design. The gloss looks amazing!
I would play Sound and Vision by David Bowie!

HJC001's picture

Would have no choice but to watch all My Little Pony, Ever After High, and Monster high movies with 5yr old daughter. Then, only then, could I watch Pacific Rim, Star Wars, and Avatar. Now need 4K tv sweepstakes win. then, LOTTO AND XLFs!

danielthediesel's picture

But I'm going to start avr shopping, lol

true audio's picture

My daughter and son in law bought their first house, in need of a system. I would have them play (Metallica)Blue Ray (Through The Never).This sound track kicks booty ! Thanks Guys !

sjuhlin's picture

Norah Jones - "Don't Know Why"

ru-4-uk-wc's picture

Avengers Age Of Ultron

alumfoil123's picture


mrnoodleii's picture

I would love this for my theater!

jberry2012's picture

Interstellar and San Andreas

Harper_07's picture

Mad Max Fury Road

estunesnsuch's picture

Looks like a great system to hear Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here Immersion Edition (5.1 on DVD-A)!

Fraydog07's picture

I would love these speakers! The first movie I would watch would be Jurassic World!

Dan_K's picture

The first song would be, "This is the place" from the Talking Heads Blu Ray, "Stop Making Sense."

This would be perfect for my small apartment!

pquade78's picture

Looking at buying a new sub, This would save me some money.

Bschliesman's picture

I would break them in with some Led Zepplin, then watch Hunt for Red October. Can't wait!

wfkthree's picture

No question, Master & Commander.

huempfner's picture

Good luck to all!

jheadley's picture

First movie would probably be Frozen because my 4 year-old would come in and take over.

Cheep72's picture

For 20 years, the first track I always play when auditioning new components is the first track from Bela Fleck's Tales From an Acoustic Planet.

bklynbound01's picture

Great contest. I would love to hear this 5.1 set of speakers with my Denon av receiver

svultimatefan's picture

I would watch Star Wars IV again.

Bisbee68's picture

I've had my eye on SVS as I've been looking to upgrade my current system. Winning them will be much easier!

funambulistic's picture

Yes, please!

Lstevens0981's picture

It would be a nice addition to play Fast and the Furious 7 with.. I bet the sound would be awesome.

thewraithiscoming's picture

First movie would be inception, first music demo would be Motorcycle - As the Rush Comes (Gabriel & Dresden Chill Mix) or the self titled portishead album.

Scott_NKY's picture

The 1st movie I would watch on this system is Jurassic World since it comes to Blu Ray next week.

bigpsychodad's picture

I would love to watch Jurassic World with this.

Rjclemons's picture

Pearl Harbor or Eric Clapton unplugged.

Hayden's picture

Hopefully, I'll be the new owner.

Victor Hopkins's picture

I would love to experience the first Jurassic Park with this mighty setup! Always wanted svs gear, just was always out of my price range.

PrimaryListening's picture

If I win this awesome package, I will watch The Matrix first. I actually don't have surrounds yet. Theb first song I would listen to is 'Skyfall', from the James Bond movie. I have a PC-2000 sub that I love, but no SVS speakers yet. I would love to show off the gear to friends offline, and online in different groups.

bpguns's picture

I would watch TRON: Legacy and smile while that system sings

Machinae's picture

Roy Orbinsons Black and white night bluray, would most likely sounds amazing with this system, or to demo the subwoofer i'd go with Tron Legacy, personal favourite when it comes to homecinema demos.

sgdzine's picture

Dark Knight followed by Monster's Inc would be my first two viewings on the system...
Love SVS can't wait to own a system of my own!

bramankp's picture

Merry Christmas to someone I love ... should I win.

redsandvb's picture

Since it's the 30th anniversary this month, I'd like to see Back to the Future with this SVS setup!

Quickie99's picture

like staireway to heaven n earthquake for movie

Bigdad5150's picture

Had to replace the driver n my SVS PB10-NSD a few weeks ago, and, thanks to their great customer service, it's now back up and running. Sure would like to give that SB-1000 a try, though ;)

badboy07's picture

...I am certain to win!

Moses760's picture

Bottom line is that I would absolutely love to win this!

Moses760's picture

I would watch all three hobbit movies and listen to Metallica!

alwool's picture

The first songs I would play on this system would be my Blu-Ray Audio disc of Stevie Wonder's "Songs in the Key of Life", followed by Steely Dan's "Two Against Nature" DVD-A.

P7T3B's picture

I would have to watch Titanic and listen to some Journey - Faithfully!

uavCapa's picture

Comment posted.

Sicride's picture

Absolutely would listen to Imagine Dragons - Thief first on this setup. Always loved these little speakers especially that tiny sealed sub with a punch.

idan's picture

i would watch the pirate of the caribean movies again.

Nafster's picture

Congrats to the lucky winner in advance - enjoy in good health. Cheers!

Blakeesmith's picture

I would have to say the movie I would most want to hear on these would be The Babadook, that movie the crap out of me, and is a GREAT audio test for any good quality setup, I just think horror films are the best for audio tests.

As far as what song? I'd have to say Carnival Is Dead, by Dead Can Dance. I remember hearing it for the first time on some B&W speakers, and it blew my mind. The song has amazing 3 dimensional spacial quality.

polkadot's picture

So, the first movie I would want to watch on it would be Pixar's Up! It's my favorite movie of all time, and the most special movie to my husband and I. :) Also, the first song I would want to listen to on it would be Owl City's Fireflys, which is also our song. :D

BuzzMan's picture

Close To The Edge in surround sound

shlubie's picture

Gonna rock some Beastie boys and watch San Andreas

Integra1972's picture

My Boys will love this when watching The Hobbit and playing Xbox one...thank again

edlib's picture

will i win

mfish1000's picture

What a great contest. The album The Neville Brothers "Live From Planet Earth" This album has great bottom end.

Tigrock44's picture

Would love this for my newly finished basement.

excalibur11's picture

I would play Cherub Rock from Siamese Dream by the Smashing Pumpkins.

ty625's picture

Now this would be the ultimate divorce present. True value lol

Edgar89ax's picture

I would watch Interstellar and listen to Kansas album Leftoverture.

mikerr's picture

and rowell

Savant's picture

I would find myself watching the Star Wars movies again. It would be fun to listen with a real sub in the mix!

Jackblues's picture

Will sound good I bet!