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Al Griffin  |  Apr 21, 2020  |  0 comments
With a global pandemic driving streamed news consumption to record numbers, internet radio has become an essential part of our locked-down lives. To that end, smart speaker-maker Sonos today announced the launch of Sonos Radio, a free ad-supported radio streaming service available exclusively on the Sonos platform for owners of the company’s products.
Al Griffin  |  Apr 16, 2020  |  1 comments
Curious about Qobuz? Since its February 2019 U.S. launch, the music streaming service has dramatically ramped up its high-res (up to 24-bit/192kHz) audio catalog and added plenty of exclusive editorial content to its desktop and portable apps. If you haven’t yet investigated Qobuz, the service’s “Gimme Shelter” campaign might be just the nudge you need to make a leap to high-res and lossless streaming.
Al Griffin  |  Apr 16, 2020  |  9 comments
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Q I have a modest home theater in my basement that I have been slowly upgrading over the last two decades. The only component I haven’t upgraded yet is my Polk Audio subwoofer since it was a pretty decent model when I purchased it 20 years ago. Would I benefit from upgrading to a new 12-inch sub? —Cal Rempel, via email

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AXPONA, the largest high-end audio event in North America, has been pushed back from April to August for 2020, but you can get a sneak peek at the new products audio manufacturers have in store by “attending” the show’s Facebook Live event this Friday, April 17—the day AXPONA 2020 was originally scheduled to open at the Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel and Convention Center in Chicago, IL.
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Art Dudley, deputy editor of Sound & Vision sister publication Stereophile, has passed away.
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Many of us stuck at home have been watching lots of TV lately (too much!), but some may also be wondering about buying a new TV. Spring is when the new sets show up, and while you might not be able to wander into a Best Buy or other store to browse them at present, you’re probably itching to check out the reviews. To that end, here are the models Sound & Vision currently has in the review pipeline, along with the sets we anticipate testing as they arrive in the months to come.
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LG announced today that the 2020 lineup of NanoCell LCD TVs it first showed at CES in January is starting to become available. The lineup includes 4K sets with screen sizes ranging from 49 to 86 inches, plus a pair of 8K models.
Al Griffin  |  Apr 06, 2020  |  1 comments
Good news for those of us in the U.S. on lockdown who have already blazed through all the good stuff on Netflix and are seeking something different: HBO is offering free streaming of select shows including The Sopranos, The Wire, and Six Feet Under through April 30 on its HBO NOW or HBO GO apps. So, if you happen to be one of the few who for some reason missed out on these early gems from the New Golden Age of Television, you’re now in luck.
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Build Quality
PRICE $1,599/pair

Detailed, dynamic sound
Powerful bass for a bookshelf
Compact form factor
Requires careful setup and placement for best performance

GoldenEar Tech’s compact, passive BRX proves that the company known for powered towers can also make a better bookshelf speaker.

At some point when I reviewed GoldenEar Technology's Triton Reference tower in early 2017, it hit me that the company may have backed itself into a marketing corner with its new offering. After all, how do you push the performance envelope further after developing a "Reference" speaker? The company's agenda, as it turned out, was to scale its $8,500 flagship down in order to deliver variations on the Reference experience.

Al Griffin  |  Mar 26, 2020  |  1 comments
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Q I made the decision to buy an Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 2045 3LCD projector about three years ago...I know I’ll need to change the bulb out at some point and would like to know how to tell when the lamp has dimmed to the point of needing replacement. I have no idea how many hours we’ve used it, or how to find out that information. —Scott Miller, via email