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SV Staff  |  Feb 09, 2018  |  1 comments
Have you seen those hipster TV spots welcoming HomePod? Apple’s long-time-coming smart speaker hits stores today...
SV Staff  |  Feb 08, 2018  |  0 comments
A smart speaker with a screen, a matchbox-size headphone amp, a serious ceiling speaker, and more.
SV Staff  |  Feb 08, 2018  |  4 comments
Sony today announced pricing for the X900F and X850F series of high dynamic range (HDR)-enabled 4K Ultra HDTVs it previewed at CES 2018 in January.
SV Staff  |  Feb 08, 2018  |  1 comments
Indy Audio Labs (IAL), owner of the high-performance audio brands Aragon and Acurus, has announced plans to expand the immersive audio capabilities of it ACT 4 preamp/processor to 20 channels.
SV Staff  |  Feb 07, 2018  |  0 comments
The pigskin wasn’t the only thing in play as fans watched the Philadelphia Eagles take down the New England Patriots in Sunday’s Super Bowl LII matchup. Verizon conducted a series of live tests to demonstrate the massive bandwidth capabilities of next-generation 5G wireless technology.
SV Staff  |  Feb 07, 2018  |  1 comments
ESPN yesterday announced plans to launch a streaming service and a redesigned app this spring.
SV Staff  |  Feb 06, 2018  |  0 comments
Nuvyyo, the Canada-based maker of Tablo brand over-the-air (OTA) digital video recorders (DVRs) for cord cutters, today introduced an app that brings off-air recording features to Samsung smart TVs built around the Tizen operating system.
SV Staff  |  Feb 06, 2018  |  0 comments
Control4, a leader in smart home technology, today introduced a $350 home automation controller the company hopes will expand the market for smart home systems.
SV Staff  |  Feb 05, 2018  |  0 comments
HiFiMan, the China-based personal audio specialty company, has introduced an over-ear planar-magnetic headphone designed for everyday use.
SV Staff  |  Feb 05, 2018  |  7 comments
If you’ve spent any time in a Best Buy store in recent years you’ve no doubt noticed the incredible shrinking music section, which has gone from multiple disc-filled aisles to a small section devoted to new releases and a limited selection of top selling classic albums.