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SkyFi Audio does more than just sell cool vintage gear. The New Jersey-based hi-fi specialist offers a “Stereo Concierge” service for audiophiles who crave a unique system but don’t have the time or inclination to research and find “the right” gear.
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PRICE $499

Audiophile-quality sonics
Easy access to networked and internet-streamed music
Extensive HDMI switching
Non-backlit remote

Denon’s modern take on the classic stereo receiver delivers excellent sound quality, video switching for 2-channel home theater, and all the amenities of an app-driven, internet-connected music system.

As I uncrated the Denon DRA-800H stereo receiver and set it on my rack for review, I was struck by a powerful wave of nostalgia. Back in my early days of audiophilia, stereo—no wait, stereo and vinyl—was pretty much the game. Buying a basic receiver was a typical rite of passage for a high school or college student back then, and it was staring at rows of them at the local TV/appliance store—with their shiny brushed chrome faceplates, dials and buttons, and backlit tuning displays—that got me hooked on audio in the first place.

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For those pining for Part 2 of my latest tome on projectors and screens, it will come soon enough. But posting it on Christmas Eve seemed like an invitation for me to plunge into the reindeer-and-chestnuts memory hole. With the biggest holiday of the year fast approaching as I write this (not counting Super Sunday), you'll likely be looking for relief from Uncle Harry's annual Christmas dinner ramblings: "when I was your age..." So fire up the old home theater and settle in for a movie or two — a movie about the holiday, on the holiday.
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Amazon Music HD came out of the gate with hi-res guns a-blazing. Can the online retail giant deliver on the level of quality their customers have come to expect from its other services?
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On her first day at pre-school, Bonnie, the kid who received Andy's toys at the end of Toy Story 3, makes (literally) a new friend out of a discarded spork. She calls him Forky and he soon becomes her favorite toy. But that's just the first act. On a road-trip with Bonnie's family, cowboy-toy Woody reunites with his old flame Bo Peep. Bo, now a "lost toy," has acquired the skills of an action hero—a sort of RamBoPeep.
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The audio cassette just won’t die. The latest attempt at reviving the ’70s relic comes in the form of a Bluetooth-enabled digital music player that doubles as a legitimate cassette — legit as in it will actually play in some cassette decks.
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Q I just finished listening to the new Giles Martin remaster of The Beatles’ Abbey Road via a 24-bit/96kHz stream from Qobuz. For the first few tracks I felt like I was listening to the original album, but on a much better stereo system. Then the bad news came when I got to the medley on “side two” starting with “You Never Give Me Your Money.” Instead of a seamless flow between songs, I heard distinct gaps between the tracks. It really ruined the experience. Why can’t streams of album tracks that are supposed to segue do so without annoying, and at times jarring, gaps in the sound? There are lots of iconic recordings with the same issue. —Thomas E. Moore, Fairfax, VA

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Denon and Definitive Technology have announced Round 2 of limited-time holiday discounts on AV receivers and soundbars.
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The Florida Audio Expo, featuring more than 80 exhibitors of high-performance audio gear, will return to Tampa for a three-day event in early February.
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The German audio company T+A (Theory + Application) has announced the third generation of its all-in-one Caruso Music System built for audiophiles.