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Thinking about upgrading your TV in advance of the big game? No worries, you still have a solid 11 days before the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams go head to head in Atlanta at Super Bowl LIII. And there are a number of sweet deals to choose from.
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If you are a certain age, you'll surely remember the Get Smart TV series, debuting in 1965 on NBC. You'll also remember how Maxwell Smart always insisted on using the Cone of Silence — plastic domes over him and the Chief that supposedly prevented anyone from overhearing their conversations. Now, 54 years later, in the age of Alexa, the Cone is back, new and improved. And you can build one yourself.

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Roon Labs, maker of music-library management software embraced by audiophiles, today announced the rollout of its biggest update ever.
Leslie Shapiro  |  Jan 21, 2019  |  9 comments
The Monster press conference at CES has typically been an electrifying, high-energy love-fest with the company’s boisterous CEO, Noel Lee, leading the charge. This year, the tone was definitely different as a dialed-back, subdued Lee announced this was the end of an era.

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OSD Audio of Brea, California has introduced an upgraded version of its Nero Stream XD wireless streaming Amp/DAC (digital audio converter) and a new bookshelf speaker.
SV Staff  |  Jan 21, 2019  |  2 comments
Developers in Denmark have created a teachable “parasite” to give you more control over your smart speaker.
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Yep, it’s that time of the year when the Super Bowl TV specials start hitting our inbox.
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2018 was a very good year for the music industry, according to a new report from Nielsen that shows “total album-equivalent audio consumption” up 23% over 2017.
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Say what you will about controversial superstar Tom Cruise, his dedication to the big-screen Mission: Impossible franchise he launched in 1996 is nothing short of inspiring. Performing stunts that would give a professional thrill-seeker pause, he literally throws himself into his work with unparalleled zeal. For this sixth go-round, secret agent Ethan Hunt (Cruise) is in hot pursuit of terrorists out to tear down our world order, bad guys armed with an apocalyptic manifesto, and some nuclear weapons. Expect betrayals and frame-ups that force Ethan to go rogue...again.
SV Staff  |  Jan 18, 2019  |  3 comments
Immersive Therapy thinks so. The French company has introduced a gaming app that it hopes will bring relief to the millions of Americans who suffer from tinnitus, an inner-ear condition typically characterized by a constant ringing in the ears.