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Streaming media company, Plex has announced the end of its Plex Cloud. Here’s what to do if you’re a Plex Cloud user.
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PRICE $499

Reference-level video performance
In-player tone mapping for HDR and conversion to SDR
Multichannel analog output
Image enhancement options can be overwhelming
Setup not always intuitive
No 4K/HDR streaming support

Panasonic’s UHD Blu-ray player offers reference-level video performance and also sets a new bar for HDR playback with both HDR flat-panel TVs and projectors.

Today’s Ultra HD Blu-ray player market is drastically smaller than the one for the spinning-disc machines of old. In my early days reviewing DVD players, I could literally enter an electronics store, walk out with over a dozen players, and that would only represent a sampling of the available models. But with the massive rise in the popularity of streaming, we’ve seen the player market continue to slim down.

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Live in or near Santa Rosa, California? Lavish HiFi is holding a “special evening of music and audio lore” with KEF’s global ambassador, Johan Coorg tomorrow evening (Thursday, September 13) at its Santa Rosa showroom.
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Photo: Elliot Landy (1968)

Released 50 years ago this past July 1, The Band's Music From Big Pink immediately set the world of popular music on its collective ear, and it's now being celebrated in a super-deluxe box set that includes a 24/96 5.1 mix of the album on Blu-ray. We get on the line with Band mastermind Robbie Robertson to discuss the secret to the overall intimacy of the Big Pink recording itself, the key elements that make the 5.1 versions of “The Weight” and “Chest Fever” instant benchmark reference tracks, and what Band album he’d be interested in having remixed in 5.1 next.

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AT&T announced plans on Monday to introduce mobile 5G service in parts of five additional cities, bringing the number of cities that will receive service this year to 12.
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Making good on a promise made last fall, Verizon yesterday announced plans to launch 5G broadband service in parts of Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Sacramento on October 1.
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The 2018 edition of CEDIA Expo is now history and, although it may not be as grand as CES, it still left us with plenty to chew on.
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Rotel’s newest surround sound processor decodes Dolby Atmos and DTS:X soundtracks and offers a variety of high-performance features.
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The number of internet-only homes that do not subscribe to a traditional cable TV package has reached a new record high, according to new research from Kagan.
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I was mystified, confused, and perplexed. The low-slung vehicle cruising in the lane beside me sure looked the business, and sounded the business too. As it briskly accelerated away from me, its low throaty roar was decidedly delicious. Something was amiss. Very amiss.