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More Americans than ever before will use their smartphones for holiday shopping and one in five plan to use a voice-activated smart speaker to “voice shop,” according to the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) 2017 Pre-Black Friday Survey.
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Resident Evil: Vendetta picks up the mantle yet again for the Capcom strain of this popular video-game franchise. Sticking to the animé-oriented roots and offering some visceral action without the frenzied camera panning and ADD editing of the live-action The Final Chapter, the film brings together favorites from the franchise. Game characters Leon S. Kennedy (voiced my Matthew Mercer), Chris Redfield (Kevin Dorman), and Rebecca Chambers (Erin Cahill) battle wanted bioterrorist Glenn Arias (John DeMita), who plans to release a deadly virus in New York City as revenge for the government killing his wife.
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This being the third film in a row I’ve reviewed on Blu-ray in which a man’s life is destroyed by the death of a child and the loss of a wife (alongside Manchester by the Sea and Nocturnal Animals) leads me to suspect that a strong sense of loss is vibrating through our national zeitgeist despite the blessings of unsocial media. Collateral Beauty, a feel-good downer (a romtrage, if you will), is a parable filled with It’s a Wonderful Life–like whimsy concerning a grieving advertising executive, Howard (Will Smith), who, two years on from the loss of his daughter, is writing letters to Time, Death, and Love to voice his complaints and express his trauma.
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A couple of emails we recently received got me thinking about our current state of audiophile affairs. One, from Paul Thiel of Crescent Springs, Kentucky, headlined “The Great Equalizer,” asks whether the disappearance of standalone graphic equalizers from the home audio market, along with the jacks to connect them, was the result of automated room EQ coming to bear...or perhaps proof that manufacturers were mistaken in the notion that consumers were interested enough in audio to want to tailor the frequency response of their systems.
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Looking ahead to the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, which will be a major event in the development of an 8K ecosystem, Sharp has introduced of the world’s first 8K camcorder.
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PRICE $1,100

Effective peak brightness with HDR sources
Can display extended color
Good overall picture uniformity and upscaling
Mild artifacts from local-dimming backlight
No off-air tuner
Only one HDMI 2.0a input

Vizio’s new M Series set offers substantial performance improvements over last year’s model and does so at an even lower price.

Ultra HDTVs that support the display of programs with high dynamic range, also known as HDR, have quickly become the norm. If you’re out and about shopping for a new set, there’s a good chance that you’ll be taking home one of these TVs. Of course, the benefit to a state-of-the-art feature like HDR becoming standard is that prices for sets that include it will drop. How low? How about $1,100? That’s what Vizio charges for their 65-inch M65-E0 LCD Ultra HDTV.

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Q TV reviews in Sound & Vision routinely discuss support for the HDR10 and Dolby Vision high dynamic range formats. I don't always see comments about HDR support in AV receiver reviews, however. Does an AVR need to support a specific HDR format, or does HDMI take care of that? —James Hardaway

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Online sales are expected to surpass $107 billion this holiday season, an increase of nearly 14 percent over 2016, according to a comprehensive retail prediction from Adobe Analytics, which the online transactions of the 100 largest online retailers, among other things.

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With the addition of 4K HDR streaming, the new Roku Streaming Stick+ ($70) is powerful enough for your home theater and portable enough to take on the road. A recent trip took me to several cities where I was able to test out the Stick+ on a number of hotel TVs, including a 4K HDR Samsung model (!) in a cottage where I stayed.
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Nuvyyo, maker of networked digital video recorders (DVRs) for cord cutters, has lowered the price and expanded the availability of its new Tablo Dual OTA DVR.