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Winter may be just around the corner but that didn’t deter Focal, the France-based maker of high-performance speakers and headphones, from introducing two outdoor speakers designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.
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I don’t know if you’ve noticed (though how could you not) that a lot of the stuff we buy these days is made in China. It ranges from the remarkably cheap (like the lightweight, pleated jacket I bought last year in Walmart (for less than the price of a CD or Blu-ray) to the very expensive (such as Buick’s new Envision SUV—yes, that’s made in the PRC as well, the first U.S. car made there, by GM Shanghai). It’s difficult to buy anything today without encountering a product made in China as the only viable alternative. And even if it’s manufactured in the U.S., many of its individual pieces were likely sourced in China...
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The New York Audio Show will return to Manhattan on Friday, November 9 for its third year at the Park Lane Hotel on Central Park South, one of the city’s most coveted locations.
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MartinLogan has announced plans to showcase two high-end hybrid electrostatic speaker systems at the New York Audio Show, which opens Friday at the Park Lane Hotel in Midtown Manhattan.
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Luxman America, a subsidiary of the high-end Japanese brand that rose to prominence in the 1970s and ’80s, will showcase several products at the New York Audio Show, which opens Friday at the Park Lane Hotel in Midtown Manhattan.
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The consumer electronics industry is mourning the loss of industry legend Joe Clayton who died on Saturday at age 69.
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Chances are you’re familiar with the acronym BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze) but what about BYOG — Bring Your Own Gear?
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Solo: A Star Wars Story is simply a terrific movie. Fans of Harrison Ford's timeless take on the flawed-but-gallant smuggler should rightly rejoice as Han has been handily rejuvenated by newcomer Alden Ehrenreich in this well-conceived “origin” story. We learn all of the things we never knew we wanted to know about him, like where he got his name, his furry co-pilot, and of course the keys to the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy back when it was shiny and new.
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Sound United has announced a firmware update that will make the Denon AVR-X8500 AV receiver and Marantz AV8805 AV preamp/processor the first AV components equipped with IMAX Enhanced technology.
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The Halloween ghouls and goblins are gone but they left behind a delightfully eclectic mix of road-tested AV gear to ponder, ranging from an amazingly versatile amp/DAC to a 65-inch TV that will make you rethink what you should pay for a top performing 4K set. In between we had the pleasure of reviewing a new top-line TV from Sony and two stellar home theater speaker systems — one a reference-quality setup from a respected name in audio, the other a unique system from a company you’ve probably never heard of.