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Hundreds of press announcements crossed our desks in the weeks leading up to, and during, CES 2018. One of the many products we didn’t have a chance to investigate in person was Pioneer’s PHA-M70 Personal Sound Amplifier, which is nick-named “Nani?” (Yes, the question mark is part of the unusual moniker…)
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Build Quality
PRICE $399

Most affordable ever three-way from the designer
Uber comfy
Vivacious sound
The voluptuous bass might be too much of a good thing

The Astell & Kern Michelle brings JH Audio headphone sound down to a new, more affordable price.

Sound & Vision readers probably know about Astell&Kern’s portable high-resolution digital audio players. But I’m guessing you’re less aware of Jerry Harvey Audio’s in-ear headphones, which have found favor not only with audiophiles, but also musicians and pro sound engineers who make up a sizeable percentage of Harvey’s customer base. The Michelle Limited in-ear headphones from Astell&Kern were designed by Jerry Harvey.

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Tributaries has announced that it is now shipping its most advanced HDMI cables ever to meet the increasing demand for cables that can handle content with high dynamic range (HDR), wide color gamut, and 60fps at lengths that extend beyond 4 meters (13 feet).
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Q I have a Samsung HDTV and use the set’s analog minijack output to route an audio signal to my NAD integrated amplifier. Here’s my question: Would using an HDMI switcher/audio extractor that has HDMI inputs and HDMI and RCA-jack audio outputs increase sound quality? I have been told that using such a device would actually decrease audio performance. —James P. Landolt / via e-mail

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Two things delineate the extremes of my life: cleaning out the kitty litter box and drinking coffee.
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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recognized several electronics manufacturers and retailers for “making significant contributions in designing products sustainably and diverting electronics from landfills by sending them to third-party certified recyclers” as part of the agency’s Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) Electronics Challenge.
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U.K.-based Monitor Audio has announced a new six-model “fun” speaker series featuring a contemporary design and a compact bookshelf model with an unconventional driver layout.
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The year 2017 in the world of audio/video gear proved mostly evolutionary, with a touch of the revolutionary thrown in. The former was seen clearly in the flat-panel television category, which wholly gave itself up to not just Ultra HD resolution this year but also to the idea of high dynamic range (HDR) and wide color gamut displays. We saw Dolby Vision finally make its way to a few UHD Blu-ray Discs, and critically, watched OLED mature into a commanding market presence. Meanwhile, we got more, and cheaper, options for 4K signal-friendly front projectors.
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When I first saw Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon, as a college student, I was bored and, beyond that, puzzled: such a static set piece from the maker of Dr. Strangelove, 2001, and A Clockwork Orange. I wasn’t alone: Box office was middlin’, critics were mixed. The film now strikes me as a masterpiece, although a demanding one, as many masterpieces are. Based on Thackeray’s mid-19th-century novel about the rise and fall of an Irish upstart seeking to connive his way into British high society, it’s a string of gorgeous pictures, as gorgeous as many paintings in a museum, and Kubrick modeled many shots on paintings by Hogarth, Gainsborough, and other artists of the era.
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Many filmmakers would surely crack under the challenges of finally bringing Wonder Woman to the big screen. But the remarkably gifted Patty Jenkins (writer/director of 2004’s Monster, her last feature) tackles the ambitious production—an action-heavy World War I– era period piece—with educated gusto, thoughtfully honoring and expanding upon the beloved heroine’s legacy. Of course, none of that matters without the right star, and Gal Gadot’s Princess Diana combines strength, brains, and innocence to give this movie an irresistible heart.