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As a long-time subscriber to SiriusXM, I tend to ignore emails and notices from them. I pay and renew every six months and forget about them in between payment dates. So I’m glad I spotted the latest email from them because they’ve announced a host of new features, stations, and exciting new ways to listen to SiriusXM outside of the car.

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The village of Berk is now the overcrowded home not only of our favorite Viking clan, now led by a grown-up Hiccup, but also a huge and motley assortment of friendly dragons. After they encounter a revived gang of dragon-hunters led by the ruthless Grimmel, Hiccup decides that their only solution is to evacuate Berk, where they're an obvious target, and search for a new home where they'll be safe.
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Sonos has streamlined its integration with Control4 home-automation products as part of its latest software update.
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Nakamichi made a name for itself in the 1970s building high-end cassette decks that eked every last ounce of performance out of the tape format but the company also made CD players and changers for the home and car in the ’80s and ’90s.
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UK-based Naim Audio has announced the third generation of its NAIT and SUPERNAIT integrated amplifiers, featuring a series of performance upgrades and a built-in phono stage.
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Q Are there any powered Bluetooth speakers on the market that use Audyssey or similar technologies? I have Audyssey Dynamic EQ available in my main listening area and I enjoy being able to listen at lower volume levels without losing proper frequency balance. It would be nice to have this ability in other rooms and also when I travel. —Dallas Holston, via email

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LG has teamed with the Pantone Color Institute and artisan pastry chef Amirah Kassem to create a unique pop-up café that celebrates the “powerful presence of color.”
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Build Quality
PRICE $1,600/pair

Accurate and dynamic sound
Excellent imaging depth of field
Impressive bass extension and weight
Bass balance may be less amenable to some rooms or placements

The latest tower from SVS is a top value/performance contender for full-range loudspeakers.

Certain geographies have long-held associations with loudspeaker design. Maidstone, Kent or Steyning, Sussex in Britain (KEF and Bowers & Wilkins, respectively) for example. Or Cambridge, Massachusetts (Acoustic Research/KLH/ Advent) and Los Angeles, California (JBL) here in the United States.

And Youngstown, Ohio?

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Mike Peters of The Alarm called us to discuss the band's deeply affecting new album Sigma, how the vinyl revival reconnects you with your music-seeking instincts, how a good producer acts as a creative compass, and how The Alarm’s approach to songwriting and song structure set them apart from the pack.
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Netflix created its own fireworks when it released the third season of Stranger Things on the July 4th.