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Vanco, an Illinois-based distributor of electronic accessories, has announced an HDMI extender that wirelessly extends signals up to 131 feet and a Bluetooth transmitter/receiver kit that brings wireless connectivity to components that lack it.
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China-based headphone specialist 1More, maker of the Quad Driver earphones that made our 2017 Top Picks list, has announced an updated version of its Spearhead VR gaming headphones that uses processing developed by pro-sound company Waves Audio to “eliminate the ‘head effect’ and enhance the sense of space and position.”
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Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan will be the first Amazon video release to carry a Dolby Atmos soundtrack when it becomes available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video August 31.
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Rewatching Game of Thrones, this time on Ultra HD Blu-ray, so many years after first entering Westeros, that fictional realm conjured up by fantasy writer George R.R. Martin, is an experience akin to visiting an old friend—and a crime scene. As the series unfolds, and its extensive cast of characters get introduced, there’s an uncomfortable pang that comes from knowing what hellish circumstances these men, women, and children are about to endure. The first episode marks the first time you hear “winter is coming” uttered. The statement is tossed off casually and doesn’t land with much impact. But it does leave a certain chill in its wake. These poor folks don’t know the half of it.
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Audirvana, maker of the Audirvana Plus audiophile music player for Mac users, has introduced a Windows 10 version of the software.
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PRICE $2,300

Excellent shadow detail
Superb color and resolution
Punchy HDR
Mediocre off-axis performance
Some blooming

The new Sony XBR-65X900F is no OLED-killer, but it offers OLED-like benefits at a reasonable price.

OLED ULTRA HDTVS grab most of today’s headlines. And although prices for OLED sets have dropped dramatically over the last year, they still command a high premium. Even flagship LCD sets— Sony’s Z9D line, for example—remain beyond the price reach of many consumers. Sony’s new X900F LCD TVs, which are available in screen sizes all the way up to 85 inches, provide a more reasonable alternative. Choose the 65-inch X900F under review here and you’ll leave the store with a far smaller dent on your credit line than you would when buying an OLED or a flagship LCD.

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Nineteen years ago this month, Sound & Vision had just published its fifth issue. The cover featured the “world’s biggest TV” — an 80-inch Mitsubishi rear-projection TV that was positively huge by today’s skinny-TV standards.
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Q I can’t seem to get clear dialogue when playing some movies and TV shows and am forced to used closed captioning. I believe my problem is caused by improper phase. My home theater setup consists of five speakers plus dual subwoofers that have a polarity switch and phase knob. I’ve heard that the proper way to adjust phase is to play a sine wave at 80 Hz (same as my crossover setting) and then turn off all speakers except the left or right speaker and its adjacent sub. The next step: adjust polarity and phase until you measure the highest SPL level at the main listening position. Am I going about things right? Any other suggestions to improve dialogue intelligibility in my system? —AMIT ALCALAY

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AudioQuest has announced a hybrid optical/HDMI cable that uses an electro-optical conversion module and four glass-fiber optical conductors to carry 18Gbps of data — including HDR-enabled 4K video — up to 100 feet.
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DTS has announced a software update for its DTS Play-Fi streaming app that integrates features from the recently introduced Play-Fi Headphones app and adds several other capabilities, including a previous-sessions memory.