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Austin, Texas-based projection-screen specialist Screen Innovations (SI) has announced a “ground up redesign” of its popular Solo motorized screen.
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Amazon’s voice-enabled virtual assistant Alexa is continuing to find her way into an ever growing list of products. Roku is the latest company to announce Alexa compatibility for its streaming devices and Roku TVs...
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JVC and Panasonic today announced a unique collaboration intended to deliver the “best possible HDR” (high dynamic range) image quality when certain JVC projectors are paired with Panasonic’s flagship 4K/Ultra HD Blu-ray player.
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Wreck It Ralph and his new BFF Vanellope have settled into a familiar routine—starring in their arcade games by day, playing other games after work, and hanging out later at Tapper's (root) beer joint. But Vanellope's Sugar Rush game breaks, and to find the part needed to fix it they sneak into a new WIFI portal at Game Central Station. It takes them to the totally unfamiliar world of the Internet, where chaos is inevitable given Ralph's natural talent for wrecking things.
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Are you ready for a new era of targeted advertising direct to your smart TV? Ready or not, Vizio has partnered with Disney, CBS, NBC Universal, and other major media/advertising companies to form an industry consortium dedicated to developing industry standards for addressable advertising on internet-connected smart TVs.
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Portrait Displays, a leader in color-calibration solutions and advanced display control, has announced plans to release a simplified, lower-cost consumer version of its forthcoming CalMAN 2019 professional video calibration software.
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Responding to a call from customers, McIntosh has announced that 11 of its integrated amps and preamps have achieved Roon Tested status, meaning they have been profiled and tested by McIntosh and Roon Labs, maker of the music management software favored by audiophiles, to ensure “maximum compatibility.”
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Subwoofers add body, depth, and excitement movies and music but they have other uses, too.
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Build Quality

Build Quality
PRICE $10,200 (as tested)

Sweet, clean highs
Superb dialogue clarity
Detailed but not aggressive sound
Slightly limited treble diffusion
R3s make for pricey surrounds

With a sweet balance on music and potent, but not aggressive, manner with movies, KEF’s R-series system delivers all-around outstanding performance.

KEF'S R Series speakers have long occupied the middle range of the British manufacturer's offerings. While the previous R Series was starting to get a bit long in the tooth, I found the performance of those speakers to be superb, having reviewed the last generation R700 for Sound & Vision's sister publication Stereophile in 2014.

Mike Mettler  |  Mar 13, 2019  |  0 comments
Celebrated British chanteuse Dido called us to discuss her new album Still on My Mind and how her best song mixes are meant to draw you in as a listener, when and when not to use reverb, and why sequencing remains critical to the arc of an album.