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Home automation specialist Savant has announced a smart amplifier that supports hi-res audio and Apple’s AirPlay 2 streaming and HomeKit smart-home platforms.
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For my money, Capernaum was the best film of 2018—similar to Roma (slice of life, untrained actors), not as cinematically breathtaking (though still impressive), but emotionally more gripping (fuller characters, deeper drama). The title is an Arab word meaning Godforsaken chaos (taken from a Biblical tale of a city literally forsaken by God), and that's a fair description of the impoverished section of Beirut where the film takes place.
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Just over half (51%) of those who participated in our recent poll asking “how often do you watch HDR content” said they cue up 4K HDR (high dynamic range) movies and TV shows as much as they can (29%) or between one to four times a week (22%).
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Jamo, the Klipsch-owned Danish speaker company known for its stylish speaker designs, has updated the acoustic and aesthetic design of its flagship Concert speaker series.
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Sound & Vision Top Picks for the month of May include a high-performance 4K Blu-ray player that will delight AV enthusiasts, home theater speakers that deliver strikingly good sound for a reasonable price, and a set of powered bookshelf speakers that puts today’s smart speakers to shame. Rounding things out are two topnotch audio components — a surround processor/preamp from a venerable audio brand and an integrated amp/DAC from a lesser known company that has been favored by in-the-know audiophiles for years.
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Onkyo is covering the home theater bases with two mid-priced AV receivers that boast THX Select certification, processing for both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X immersive surround sound, and the company’s first implementation of IMAX Enhanced technology.
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PRICE $1,999

Unimpeachable sound quality
Impressive power and dynamic ability
Chromecast built-in, AirPlay, and Spotify Connect support
No phono input or headphone output
No native streaming (requires smartphone, tablet or similar)

Flexible streaming options enhance the appeal of this sleek-looking integrated amplifier/DAC with serious audiophile pedigree and performance.

Primare is a small audio component manufacturer in Sweden founded by an industrial designer from Denmark. The Malmö-based firm's quirky high-end electronics have found favor among in-the-know audiophiles for nearly thirty years. Recently, a new line of streaming-centric components was introduced that appear custom-made to broaden Primare's appeal, and if the entry-level Prisma I15 integrated amplifier/DAC ("streamplifier," as I like to call them) they've supplied us for review here is any indication, the move will succeed.

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Not to take anything away from the benefits of 4K Ultra HD over standard HD, but increased resolution alone pales in comparison with high dynamic range). Simply put, HDR is a game-changing technology that increases brightness to make TV images more life-like. With that in mind, we’d like to know how often you watch movies and TV shows in 4K HDR. And, as always, we encourage you to leave a comment to share your impressions and experiences with HDR.
Poll: How Often Do You Watch HDR Content?
Never. My TV doesn’t support HDR and that’s fine with me.
13% (121 votes)
Never. My TV doesn’t support HDR but I wish it did.
21% (192 votes)
Every now and then but not very often.
15% (142 votes)
Once or twice a week.
13% (121 votes)
Three or four times a week.
9% (88 votes)
I watch as much HDR content as I can find.
29% (271 votes)
Total votes: 935
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Keyboard maestro Howard Jones got on the line with us from his homebase in Somerset, England to discuss the genesis and evolution of his new studio album Transform, his love of vintage gear and surround sound, and why he’s all-in when it comes to mastering his music for vinyl.
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Virgin Media became the first UK TV platform to broadcast in 4K/Ultra HD with high dynamic range (HDR) with its Sunday coverage of the French Open tennis tournament that runs through June 9th in Paris.