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Twenty years ago, Napster introduced the world to unlimited file-sharing — and the music business has never been the same since.
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LG today announced that the CineBeam ultra-short-throw 4K laser projector it previewed at CES 2019 is now available for $5,999.
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Dreaming of a new home theater space? You might want to find a custom installation company in your area that uses cutting-edge design software from Modus VR.
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PRICE $8,999

Reference-level optics
Maintenance-free LED light engine
Outstanding color accuracy
Lacks lens memories and motorized adjustments
Disappointing contrast
Limited HDR performance

BenQ's latest flagship projector outclasses its predecessor with HDR and wide color gamut sup- port, but contrast performance and HDR handling leave much to be desired compared with the high-end competition.

Back in 2017, I had an opportunity to review BenQ's HT9050 DLP projector, a flagship 4K model featuring a spectacular all-glass lens, an LED light engine, and the latest Texas Instruments DLP imaging device. To sum that review up briefly, I had a lot of issues with the HT9050, which lacked both HDR support and convenience features commonly seen on other models at or near its $8,999 price. Now BenQ has brought out the HT9060, another $8,999 model sitting at the top of its "CinePro" projector line.

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We talk with Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips about their current concept release, King’s Mouth: Music and Songs, incorporating stereo-friendly elements into a mix, mastering the lost art of the song transition, and why having a great drummer is crucial to a band’s long-term success.
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64 Audio, the Vancouver, WA-based company specializing in professional in-ear monitors (IEMs), has outdone itself with the Fourté Noir, a new limited-edition IEM that can be yours for a cool $3,799.
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Vizio is following Samsung with its own two-day “Black Friday in July” sale at Best Buy, which kicks off Friday and runs only through Saturday with discounts between 21% and 29% on several HDR-enabled 4K TVs and up to 43% on a handful of Dolby Atmos-enabled soundbars.
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LG today announced that its manufacturing arm — LG Display of Seoul, South Korea — is doubling down on OLED technology and “stepping up its efforts to…advance the OLED era.”
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I've said it before and I'll say it again. The most innovative developments in home theater won't happen in the home. They'll be in the car. Now, Tesla has announced another incremental step in that evolution: YouTube streaming to your dashboard.

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KEF has unveiled a new satin-matte walnut finish for its award-winning Q Series of speakers.