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The super-rare Nautilus Signature 800 Edition of B&W’s iconic 800 Series speaker is the star of the show in a “System of the Week” recently featured by New Jersey-based vintage audio specialist Skyfi Audio.
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Goo Goo Dolls guitarist/vocalist John Rzeznik and bassist/vocalist Robby Takac got on the line with us to discuss the finely prescribed music on their new album Miracle Pill, plus the best way to find analog sounds in a digital world, how to make albums that are immersive experiences, and what the secret to their longevity is.
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Roku today announced new streaming players and an upgrade to its operating system that will make it easier to browse content.
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Build Quality
PRICE $1,599

Stupendous build quality
Dead-waking dynamics from a single box
Balanced, audiophile-quality sound
Limited bass extension
Narrow soundstage

Though it doesn’t come cheap, Naim’s newly revised Mu-so brings true audiophile sensibilities and surprising wallop to a well thought-out and full-featured wireless speaker.

The original Mu-so wireless music system released in 2014 was a first in the emerging "lifestyle audio" category—a truly high-end, wireless, multiroom speaker from one of the most respected brands on the planet. I auditioned the Mu-so back then, and what I remember most from the unboxing was its nearly 30-pound heft, and the manly, finned heatsink that ran the width of the back panel and threatened to cut any flesh that wandered too carelessly in its direction.

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To celebrate its 30-year anniversary, Atlantic Technology announced more than 30 new products at the recent CEDIA Expo 2019.
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Acer America has announced that its new $700 wireless DLP projector is now shipping.
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CEDIA has announced the winners of its 2019 Best New Product Awards and the latest inductees to its Product Hall of Fame. The awards recognize technical excellence, innovation, and the value the product provides to integrators and consumers.
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The old Blue Bear kept trying to break in but was forever doomed to be on the outside looking in. But the rest of us were more successful, and for three days last week the Denver Convention Center was full of all sorts of goodies needed by custom installers.
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Amazon Music today launched a new lossless streaming tier called Amazon Music HD dedicated to delivering a higher quality streaming experience.
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Vizio today announced expanded Alexa voice control capabilities for SmartCast TVs dating back to the 2016 model year.