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Speakers are front and center in our January 2019 mix of Top Picks — from a full-on audiophile-approved 5.1 speaker system to a Dolby Atmos-enabled soundbar system that provides an easy path to immersive surround sound plus two distinctly different takes on the ever-popular wireless speaker. Rounding things out is an impressive (and long overdue) update of the original Sonos Connect:Amp and an AVR that nabbed Top Value Pick status for packing an insane level of performance and features into a $700 piece of gear.
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Need something to watch on that new 8K TV? (You have one of those, of course, don’t you?) Florian Friedrich, a developer who creates HDR mastering software and who has worked with video expert Joe Kane to develop UHDTV test content, has created a reformatted 8K version of the 8K footage NASA recently made available for download on its website.

It apparently was necessary for Friedrich to reformat the original NASA 8K footage because it wouldn’t play on the Samsung 8K TV that he initially tried it with. Why not? According to Friedrich, “The whole encoding was not optimized for playback with CE-devices: wrong video levels, incompatible MPEG profile, critical bitrate.”

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The nomenclature of the key line that appears within the credits of the original October 1968 double-vinyl release of Electric Ladyland tells quite the prescient tale: “Produced And Directed By Jimi Hendrix.” The most crucial word in that phraseology, of course, is Directed, as the ace guitar slinger spent a good bit of his in-studio time in 1968 thinking in purely cinematic terms.
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U.K.-based Q Acoustics’ today announced a stand-mount speaker that builds on the success of its $6,000/pair flagship speaker, the floorstanding Concept 500.
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Premier 700F Speaker System
Build Quality

Defiance X-12 subwoofer
Build Quality
PRICE $4,700 (as tested)

Crisp detail
Big, powerful sound
Tower unstable on thick carpet
Poorly designed grilles

The Premier range is far from the most expensive in Paradigm's speaker lineup, but the performance and build quality that it offers lets it compete with speakers twice the price.

The other day a friend who's neither a videophile nor an audiophile dropped by my home to watch a movie. A pair of loudspeakers I had just finished reviewing for Stereophile, our sister publication, were sitting in a corner, waiting to be packed up. When I told him their price—$6,000/pair—he appeared shocked. Even Paradigm's affordable new 700F speakers, then as now serving as the left/right channels in my system, are pricier than he would like were he to invest in a system of his own (unlikely!).

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Super Bowl XXXIV is historic not only because it is the Ram’s one and only Super Bowl triumph, but because it marked the first time the Super Bowl was broadcast in glorious high-definition…
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Sonos has announced that subscribers of YouTube Music and YouTube Premium can now access the YouTube Music streaming service through the Sonos app.
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Audio Excellence, the audio arm of UK-based Screen Excellence, will unveil a speaker system next week at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) show in Amsterdam that creates the illusion of sound coming from the middle of your TV screen.
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We got on the line with iconoclast guitarist Steve Hackett to discuss the rudiments of the soundscapes that comprise his stunning new album At the Edge of Light, the importance of physical packaging in the digital age, and, of course, his plans for future solo-catalog-derived surround sound reissues.
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Source: Waterstone Management Group

Americans are “cutting the cord” on cable TV subscriptions in droves, according to a new report from Chicago/San Francisco-based management consulting firm Waterstone.