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The cobbler's kids always go unshod. I know nearly as much about video as I do about audio, but for a Sound & Vision editor—even a mere Audio Editor—I have been subsisting on a shockingly old and small TV. My 10-year-old Sharp LCD set was only a 32-inch because it was originally intended to supplement a front-projection display. But since then it has become my only video display. For that and a long list of other reasons, it was due for replacement.

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LG has announced that it will provide ATSC 3.0 receivers for the “Model Market” test project in Phoenix, the first collaborative single-market effort to plan for and implement a transition to next-generation over-the-air broadcasting.
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JVC has announced a mainstream-priced 4K HDR projector based on DLP technology instead of its own D-ILA technology.
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Australia-based Audeara today launched a novel set of Kickstarter-funded wireless headphones with active noise-canceling that tailor sound to the wearer’s unique hearing characteristics in an effort to “improve the way people listen to music.”
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Our modern AV world arguably all stems from a single product: the Ampex 200A, the first successful commercial magnetic audiotape recorder, which debuted 70 years ago this month.
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Q I recently bought an Epson Home Cinema 3700 LCD projector after reading a review of it in Sound & Vision. The projector remains boxed up as I decide on a screen to install in my light-controlled basement. While I plan to watch regular 2D content with the projector, my main interest is viewing my Blu-ray 3D movie collection, which I continue to add to as new titles become available.  

I understand from reading your magazine that active 3D glasses considerably reduce image brightness. Another Sound & Vision review of Da-Lite’s 2.8 gain High Power screen , led me to believe it would be a perfect screen option, but Da-Lite has discontinued that model. As an alternative, Da-Lite recommends its HD Progressive screen, which has a gain of 1.3. Will the HD Progressive provide a bright enough image for 3D viewing? I feel that I should look for a higher gain screen, but don’t want to spend more than $2,000. —Mitchell Ulrich

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Audio Performance
PRICE $1,300

Modularity allows upgrades
Dirac room correction
BluOS audio streaming
Atmos 7.1.4 capable with external amplification
Only three HDMI inputs
No DTS:X (yet)
Dirac execution more complex than most auto room EQ

NAD’s modular-upgrade strategy endows V3 of the T758 with bleeding-edge room correction and audio streaming without impairing its excellent sound.

Why on earth would a magazine devoted to the latest and greatest in surround sound review a receiver that made its debut in 2011? Seven years in receiver years is—well, a lot of years. But the NAD T758 V3 is not some old wheezer on its way out. The company’s Modular Design Construction allows the addition or swapping of slide-in modules offering new connections or features. “Instead of planned obsolescence,” the company says, “we have planned evolution.”

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Steve Gadd is the true drummer’s drummer who’s also quite well-respected by the audiophile community. We recently got on the line with the man who's backed the likes of Eric Clapton, James Taylor, Steely Dan, and Paul Simon to discuss the dynamics of the tasteful jazz that permeates the 11 master-class tracks on the recently released self-titled Steve Gadd Band.
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Still reeling from last month’s data-privacy scandal, Facebook has decided not to preview the smart speaker it has been working on at the upcoming annual Facebook Developer Conference, according to a Bloomberg report.
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Monitor Audio has announced a lifetime warranty for several dozen of its custom install speakers.