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Q If I use an Apple TV 4K with an AV receiver, is it possible to route the surround sound to headphones? I ask because I’m viewing using a computer monitor and the only way I can get sound is through headphones. —H.G. Fernand, via email

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Questyle, the China-based company specializing in high-resolution portable audio systems, has announced plans to demonstrate a high-end, multiroom wireless audio system at the upcoming Audio Expo North America (AXPONA) in Chicago.
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Orlando, Florida-based cable specialist Tributaries has introduced a hybrid fiber-optic/copper cable designed to transport 4K/60 HDMI signals up to 164 feet at a data rate of 18 Gbps.
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Build Quality

PRICE $1,800 (as tested)

Neutral balance
Close timbral matching between models
Excellent value
Pedestrian styling
Basic finish options

PSB's long-running Alpha Series has been a value leader for more than 25 years. Now in their third generation, these speakers sound equally good with music and movies, and the value quotient is stronger than ever.

I think of PSB's entry-level Alpha Series speakers as being the loudspeaker equivalent of the Toyota Corolla. The Alphas may not be the sexiest speakers around, but they do offer solid engineering, long-term reliability, and excellent performance at a very reasonable price. Speakers from PSB's now sadly discontinued flagship Synchrony line have served as my personal home theater reference for over a decade, so you could call me a bit of a fanboy. As you might expect, that means I'm also interested in seeing what the company can deliver when keeping costs down is part of the equation.

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McIntosh today introduced a high-end surge-protection system designed to shield up to eight components from potentially damaging power surges caused by lightning strikes.
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We called retro-cool singer/guitarist Nick Waterhouse at his homebase in Southern California to discuss his finely soulful new self-titled album and how an artist’s name can come to define their personal brand of sound, how he reconciled his mono tendencies with making an album in stereo, and the clever but logical way he mixes his passion for both 45s and 33s.
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When it comes to great gear we can recommend without reservation, speakers were the name of the game in March, which brought us one of the most versatile preamps we’ve seen and three speaker systems: a high-performance wireless model audiophiles will appreciate, a state-of-the-art Dolby Atmos-enabled “immersive sound” setup from one of Britain’s top speaker companies, and a modest but very good sounding home theater package from a respected American brand that can be had for less than a grand.
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This installation, by Ed Gilmore and Gilmore's Sound Advice of New York City, is notable for its open, multi-purpose layout and clever concealment of audio/video components when the system is not in use. In its resting state, the main room is a stylish, comfortable loft area, complete with brick walls from the original industrial building and floor-to-ceiling windows that peer out onto NYC's Tribeca neighborhood.
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Youngstown, Ohio-based speaker specialist SVS today announced that the Prime Pinnacle tower speaker it previewed at CES 2019 is now available for $1,600/pair in black ash or $1,800/pair in gloss black.
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It was a bold move for Luca Guadagnino, director of the 2018 Academy Award-nominated, Call Me by Your Name, to undertake a remake of Suspiria, the 1977 film from Italian horror auteur Dario Argento, as his next project. Buoyed no doubt by the critical acclaim Call Me by Your Name had received, Guadagnino, an avowed Argento fan, likely felt he could do Argento's cult classic justice.