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I hate to admit it, but I didn’t “get” Marillion when I saw them open for Rush at the Rosemont Horizon just outside of Chicago on March 21, 1986, playing their 1985 breakthrough album Misplaced Childhood in its entirety. While I was properly enamored with the uplifting performance of their touchingly seductive FM hit “Kayleigh,” I just wasn’t able to connect with the rest of the set for some reason. Apparently, I wasn’t alone in that feeling, since I also heard a good bit of the crowd boo/catcall Marillion throughout their performance, the first time I had heard such a thing occur at a live show.
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SVS today introduced a new series of subwoofers that brings technology from its flagship 16-Ultra Series to smaller cabinets with lower prices.
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If brown and dirty is your idea of a stocking stuffer, you won’t have far to go. Bed Bath & Beyond offers the Bluetooth Poop Emoji Speaker ($20, in brown), while Staples sells the Poop 4K Emoji Powerbank ($15, you already know the color) for charging your phone. And Macy’s has the EmojiNation Backpack for little girls and big girls ($35) decorated with a variety of emojis including a poop wearing a crown.
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Samsung has launched an app for its QLED line of TVs that helps people with Color Vision Deficiency (CVD), commonly known as “color blindness,” experience accurate color while watching TV.
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PRICE $2,000

Extensive streaming options
Strong contrast with full-array local dimming
Accurate out-of-box color
Average LCD off-axis picture uniformity
HDR highlights a notch below the top TVs
Android TV interface can be confusing

The impressive performance delivered by Sony’s midrange UHDTV makes it a compelling choice for budget buyers upgrading to HDR.

Here’s the top Sony TV news for 2017: The company started selling its first big-screen OLED models. With an elegant “One Slate” design and an ability to emit sound from actuators positioned directly behind the glass screen, Sony’s A1E line (November 2017 and is destined to give LG’s OLEDs some competition. But when you consider that a 65-inch model costs about $4,000 after discounts, the Sony OLEDs are pricey. Fortunately, there are plenty of other Sony Ultra HDTVs to choose from, including the midrange X900E series, which lists for $2,000 for the 65-inch model and will run you about $1,800 on the street.

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It’s no surprise that Parks Associates finds 59 percent of U.S. broadband households subscribe to a streaming service like Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu—or that the trend is upward. But those streaming subscribers are also in an exploratory mood, with “an increase in households subscribing to two, three, or even four or more services,” reports Brett Sappington, Parks’s senior research director.
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Oppo today announced the availability of a firmware update that adds MQA decoding to its UDP-205 4K/Ultra HD Blu-ray player, the $1,299 audiophile version of the UDP-203 one of Sound & Vision’s 2017 Top Picks.
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How important is internet connectivity? In a poll of 18- to 25-year-olds in the U.K., they valued a good internet connection more highly than trifles such as a healthy diet, hot water, daylight, and the welfare system. Now, I admit that vegetables have never been high on my favorites list. Hmm....
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Between Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday, online shoppers in the U.S. shelled out close to $8 billion ($7.9 billion), representing an 18 percent increase over sales during the same period last year, according to Adobe Analytics, which tracks online transactions at the largest 100 online retailers.
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As a follow-up to the Black Friday deals we published on the eve of Thanksgiving, and as a companion to the deals offered through our own Shop:Sound & Vision portal, here are a few of the Cyber Monday deals that hit our inbox today. Most are only good through midnight so act quickly if you see something you can’t live without.