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Anthem Electronics, sister company of Canadian speaker powerhouse Paradigm, is targeting audiophiles with two hi-res-capable audio distribution systems.
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They say you get what you pay for. With budget audio products, that’s rarely a good thing. Finding a pair of true wireless earphones for under $50 is a rare thing, and finding ones with acceptable sound quality is even rarer. I had a chance to check out the TaoTronics SoundLiberty 53 earphones that retail for $45. Let’s see what just under fifty bucks gets you these days.

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The Spears & Munsil (S&M) UHD HDR Benchmark is a video test disc developed with a wide range of users in mind. It has basic video setup and evaluation patterns aimed at the general consumer, but also patterns and features designed for use by professional calibrators, reviewers, and even manufacturers. Unlike S&M's previous test disc, the HD Benchmark, this version does not include general explanations on how to use the patterns wrapped into its interface but is still easy to navigate and use. (Tips are posted on the website that will help to get the most from the disc's content.)
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U.K.-based iFi Audio has introduced an eight-outlet power conditioner that uses active noise cancellation to ensure a “clean, consistent” flow of power to an AV system.
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Thirty-eight years ago today, MTV changed the face of music when it cued up its first music video — Video Killed the Radio Star by an unknown British new wave band called The Buggles.
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Marantz today announced a feature-packed stereo receiver with 4K-capable HDMI inputs that supports high-resolution (hi-res) audio playback, wireless streaming, and voice control.
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Kanto, maker of the Top Pick-designated SYD speaker, is now taking pre-orders for TUK, a new Bluetooth speaker it describes as its “most advanced speaker system ever.”
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Sound & Vision’s Top Picks for July share an admirable trait: They deliver what most of us are looking for: excellent performance at reasonable prices. How reasonable? Prices range from four hundred bucks for a surprisingly refined subwoofer to a full-featured projector with impressive brightness and contrast that can be had for just under $3,000.
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Build Quality

Build Quality
PRICE $2,499 (as tested)

Clean and tidy sound
Excellent tonal match between models
Superb high-gloss painted finish
Sound is a bit polite with some material
No wood finish option

This RSL CG5 system offers relaxed sound that's easy to like, impressive build quality, and great value.

Everybody loves a great comeback story. Whether it's Tiger Woods winning The Masters after a decade of disappointment, or Apple's return to global dominance after nearly going bust twenty years back, it's nice when someone or something can make a strong return.

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Vizio has joined LG and NAD as one of the latest brands to support Apple’s AirPlay 2 platform, enabling wireless streaming from Apple iPhones, iPads, and Macs.