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Factory shipments of video products reached 4.9 million units for the month of August, an 8% increase from last month, according to figures released recently by the <A HREF="">Consumer Electronics Association</A> (CEA). The organization says that year-to-date growth resulted in double-digit gains that boosted dealer sales to 38.7 million units, a 13% increase over 1999 figures.

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E<B>lvis: Aloha from Hawaii</B><BR><I>Elvis Presley. Directed by Marty Pasetta. Aspect ratio: 4:3 (full-screen). Dolby Digital 5.1. 72 minutes. 1973. Warner Bros. A54086-2. NR. $24.99.</I>

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Direct-broadcast-satellite service <A HREF="">EchoStar Communications Corporation</A> will be first in line to buy Hughes Electronics Corporation, if parent company General Motors decides to spin it off. Hughes operates EchoStar's competitor, <A HREF="">DirecTV</A>. The acquisition would create a virtual monopoly in the skies, according to analysts who attended the <A HREF="">Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association</A>'s SkyForum conference in New York on Thursday, September 21.

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Home theater fans almost universally agree that multichannel sound is great, but not all agree on how best to achieve it. Most find that incorporating five large box speakers---plus subwoofer and all the necessary cabling---into a typical home is difficult at best, and a point of contention that can strain even the most solid domestic relationships.
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Say "MartinLogan" and most home theater fans immediately think "electrostatics." The Lawrence, Kansas-based company has built a solid reputation on its beautiful and great-sounding speaker lines. The elegant translucent panels grace the homes of thousands of movie lovers and music fans.
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Video hobbyists tend to be pro-choice when it comes to deciding what they can and cannot record. Their choices may soon be limited by a September 14 ruling by the <A HREF="">Federal Communications Commission</A> requiring that the next generation of video equipment be copyright-compliant.

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H<I>ank Azaria, Ruben Blades, Joan Cusack, John Cusack, Cary Elwes, Angus McFadyen, Bill Murray, Vanessa Redgrave, Susan Sarandon, John Turturro, Emily Watson. Directed by Tim Robbins. Aspect ratio: 2.35:1 (anamorphic). Dolby Digital 5.1. 134 minutes. 1999. Touchstone 18288. R. $24.95.</I>

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In the past two years, more than 8 million households returned recently acquired electronic products. Most of the returned goods were thought to be defective, but a new study released September 11 indicates that three out of every four "defects" are actually "operator error"&mdash;the owners didn't understand how the products were supposed to work. More surprising is a finding that most consumers are really pretty happy with the industry's return and repair policies.

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Last week, <A HREF="">Direct Movies</A> announced the debut of its website, which the company claims provides "near-DVD-quality" streaming video on a pay-per-view (PPV) basis. The company says that DMOL was created to address the demand for an increase in the quantity and quality of streaming video content available to consumers via broadband Internet access.

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The antitrust battle being waged by <A HREF="">EchoStar Communications Corporation</A> has escalated. The operator of direct satellite broadcast service Dish Network announced September 6 that it has hired attorney David Boies to lead the litigation against its bigger rival <A HREF="">DirecTV</A>. Boies successfully prosecuted the US government's antitrust suit against software giant Microsoft.