The Boondock Saints Unrated Special Edition—20th Century Fox

Video: 4
Audio: 3
Extras: 3

Devout fans of the cult phenomenon The Boondock Saints will sing praise for the quality improvement in this definitive re-release of the DVD as an Unrated Special Edition. The two-disc set, packaged in a sleek metal box, has been digitally remastered for sound and picture, now boasting an anamorphic presentation that will find redemption with enthusiasts.

This graphic and stylized Tarantino-esque film represents the sole writing and directorial effort of Troy Duffy. When young Irish-Catholic twins from South Boston believe they’re on a mission from God to become vigilante hit men, FBI agent Smecker (Willem Dafoe) is sent out to investigate the onslaught of thug murders. The DVD is worth a spin just to see Dafoe’s brilliant portrayal of a manic diva detective.

Disc one includes 1:33:1 and anamorphic 2:35:1 versions of the film. The picture is crisp and natural, and this unrated version contains more gore footage in the violent scenes. The Dolby EX soundtrack is respectable, making good ambient use of the surrounds but lacking deep-bass impact. Fans will enjoy the commentary tracks, including one from Duffy, the other (new to this edition) from supporting actor Billy Connolly. It would have been even better had the lead actors been included.

Collectors will be disappointed at the lack of new special features—disc two contains lightweight extras from the original release: deleted scenes, outtakes, filmographies, and a trailer, in addition to a freshly added printable script download.