Zvox Unveils Next Generation AccuVoice TV Speaker

Zvox has announced the next generation of its innovative AccuVoice TV Speaker.

The new AV203 soundbar ($270 on amazon.com and zvox.com), which uses hearing aid technology and patented algorithms to lift voices out of a soundtrack without affecting the rest of the soundtrack, adds six levels of AccuVoice dialogue boost so listeners can tailor the sound to their individual needs and includes a new water-resistant, programmable remote control with large, easy-to-read buttons. The AccuVoice processing is active only when voices are detected in a soundtrack, Zvox said.

The new soundbar is also now offered in five colors: black, titanium, copper, red, and blue and includes onboard Dolby Digital decoding.

Like its predecessors, the AV203 features three full-range drivers powered by a 24-watt Class D digital amplifier and is equipped with Zvox’s proprietary PhaseCue virtual surround-sound processing and an output leveling mode that reduces the volume of blaring commercials. Everything is encased in a sleek, wall-mountable aluminum cabinet that measures 17 x 3 x 3 inches. Connectivity options include digital and analog inputs plus a headphone/subwoofer output.

“At ZVOX we are committed to bringing hearing enhancing solutions to consumers with mild to moderate hearing loss,” said Zvox CEO Tom Hannaher. “Millions of Americans are over the age of 50. And they are the first generation to grow up listening to LOUD rock music — so many suffer from minor hearing impairment. Combine those rock-impaired ears with the puny sound systems built into flat screen TVs and you get an epidemic of people who are constantly asking “What did he say?” while watching TV shows. Our new AV203 AccuVoice TV Speaker, with six powerful levels of voice boost, allows everyone to hear all the dialogue in their favorite TV shows.”

For more information visit zvox.com