You’re A Pretty Little Minx, Aren’t You?

Two new products from Cambridge Audio caught my eye. It’s got that certain je nais c’est quoi that says I’d like to find a place to put it! First up is the three piece speaker system, the Minx M5. While the tiny 2” speakers in the cubes probably don’t produce bass frequencies as low as my IQ, the 5-1/4” subwoofer, easily placed at the foot of your desk, will certainly fill things out. With 60 watts of amplification built in, 15 for each of the satellites and 30 for the sub, it should have plenty of headroom to play cleanly to its limits. Best of all, the $299 asking price seems well set!

The $999 Minx Xi seen between the speakers is a self-contained musical streaming device. The Xi can be controlled by a free downloadable iOS or Android application. With it you can access music on your computers and other devices. A BT-100 Bluetooth receiver is included as a USB dongle to be plugged into either the USB port on the front panel or the one in the back. On board internet radio, coaxial and optical digital inputs, an Ethernet port, two analog pair outputs and a subwoofer output complete this versatile offering. It has 20 watts of Class AB power per channel, making it a perfect office or bedroom system.