You’re Invited to Visit a Control4 Certified Showroom

Mark your calendar: Control4, a leading provider of smart home solutions, wants you to experience the marvels of smart home technology in one of the 140 Control4 Certified Showrooms it recently opened in the U.S., Canada, U.K., China, and Australia.

The company is hosting a global #C4Yourself open house on Thursday, May 31st so homeowners, architects, and designers can experience Control4 home automation products in an "ideal showroom environment and find the right installation partner. The showrooms are designed to give visitors a personalized, hands-on look at state-of-the-art smart-home systems.

Control4’s Certified Showrooms specialize in explaining the benefits of home automation through interactive storytelling, visually-stunning displays, and hands-on demonstrations of family room entertainment, multiroom audio and video, smart lighting, automated security and HVAC, intelligent home networking, and voice control.

“As demand for all things smart continues to rise, we are thrilled to provide interested homeowners, architects, and designers local destinations that are staffed with passionate, creative, and knowledgeable smart home evangelists,” said Control4 Chairman and CEO Martin Plaehn. “Seeing and experiencing first-hand are fantastic means to understanding how smart home technology can fit into your life. Our new Control4 Certified Showrooms are an exceptional resource for consumers exploring smart home solutions.”

To find a showroom near you and register for an event, visit