Yamaha YHT-591 HTIB Video Test Bench

Video Test Bench

The Yamaha does not perform any video processing, either upconversion to higher resolutions and/or cross-converting from an analog video input to an HDMI output. Its video inputs are limited to switching, passthrough, and tapping the audio carried on HDMI. The only applicable results are shown in the table and were all performed at 1080p/60.—TJN

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I actually just received this from a friend who was moving out and was upgrading his system now I get to play around with it. I am wondering though if it is possible to hook up my ipad to it and if so what route I would take. I looked up on HTIB reviews and found that I may be able to get a wireless adapter for it which would allow me to hook it up and sort of use it as a monitor. Maybe I could even get apple tv or whatever it is, but I'm not too sure. Any recommendations would be appreciated.