Is Wireless HDMI Vaporware?

Various companies and organizations are competing to standardize a wireless technology that will toss high definition sound and video effortlessly across a living room. Some of them, like WirelessHD are close, but none of them are here yet, and none of them is as hyped as wireless HDMI. We've been hearing about the phantom format for years, notes CNET's Crave blog, but it has yet to become a reality.

Wireless HDMI would be ideal since the HDMI format has gained so much steam within consumer electronics companies - almost every home theater component (audio and video) today has glommed on to at least one flavor of HDMI. But taking the standard wireless has been slow going.

Previously announced products from Philips, Samsung, and Belkin have touted the technology but haven't actually made it to store shelves. Virtually every Wireless HDMI product has been delayed, though many vendors are pointing to a fall 2008 time line for release. Keep an eye out. -Rachel Rosmarin