In-Wall Amp/Dock Supercharges Amazon’s Echo Dot

Vanguard Dynamics today announced that it is now shipping an in-wall docking system/stereo amplifier that converts Amazon’s little Echo Dot virtual assistant/speaker into a high-performance audio source.

Designed for the third-generation Echo Dot, the Vail Amp 3 is a discreet, in-wall docking assembly with a snap-on cover and built-in 2 x 30-watt amplifier that holds the little speaker in place while providing access to its controls. A separate single-gang “wall-plate” box that can be located up to 100 feet away from the speaker provides connections for a local audio source.

Switchable between 4 and 8 ohms, the amp is designed to power and provide voice and keypad control for up to two pairs of speakers, whether mounted in a ceiling, wall, or cabinet. The two-piece system provides power to the Echo Dot, which connects to the mounting assembly via a 3.5mm minjack, and has a line-level input for an additional audio source plus a subwoofer output.

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jnemesh's picture

It's not "high performance" if it's only supplying 30 watts...and certainly not if it's just taking analog audio out from the cheap DAC the Dot has. Not to mention you are letting Amazon essentially spy on all of your conversations around it. Hard pass.

DennyH's picture

Cut a hole in your wall for this? No thanks.