Vizio Adds Alexa Voice Control to 4K SmartCast Sets

Amazon’s popular Alexa voice service continues to make the rounds. Its latest stop: a selection of Vizio 4K Ultra HD displays.

The Vizio SmartCast skill for Amazon Alexa is now available for SmartCast-enabled video displays in the brand’s P-, M-, and E-Series. (The sets aren’t considered full-fledged TVs because they aren’t equipped with a tuner to receive over-the-air TV broadcasts.)

With the Alexa skill enabled, viewers who own an Echo or other Alexa-enabled smart speaker or device can use voice commands to turn the set on and off, change channels, adjust volume, switch inputs, and control playback functions such as play and pause on select apps.

Vizio SmartCast displays already respond to Google Assistant (GA) voice commands through the GA app or when a Google Home or other GA-enabled device is present.

Vizio said the new Alexa skill will also be available for its 2018 SmartCast-enabled HD displays in the coming weeks.

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