Vincent Unveils Stereo Amp and Preamp Hybrids

Last week we reported that Vana has started distributing tubes from the Czech Republic. This week we received word that Germany's Vincent Audio has introduced a hybrid amplifier and preamplifier that “combine the best of tube and solid-state design.”

A follow-up to Vincent’s SP-331 hybrid power amplifier, the SP-332 hybrid tube/solid-state amp ($2,000) offers upgraded balanced XLR and single-ended RCA inputs, selectable via a rear-panel switch, and dual speaker outputs that can be used for bi-amping or to drive two pairs of speakers.

The SP-332’s input stage comprises two 6N16 tubes in a differential push-pull configuration and feeds a solid-state output stage powered by eight FET transistors, rated to deliver 2 x 150 watts into 8 ohms or 2 x 250 watts in to 4 ohms. Signal-to-noise ratio is specified as 91 dB and THD as less than 0.1%.

The amp’s brushed-aluminum faceplate, adorned with a pair of classic analog VU meters, is available in black or silver.

The companion SA-32 hybrid tube/solid-state preamp ($1,000), an update to Vincent’s SA-31 hybrid preamp, ups the tube count from two to four 6N16 tubes — two in the input section and two between the tone control and output. The additional tubes are said to enhance musicality and dynamics.

The preamp has five RCA inputs and one balanced XLR input and comes with a brushed metal remote control. Like the SP-332, it is also available in silver or black. Signal-to-noise ratio is specified as 90 dB and THD as less than 0.1%.

Vincent products are distributed in the U.S. by Pangea Audio of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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