TiVo Bolt Vox DVR and Streamer Review Specs

Storage: 500 GB, 1 TB, or 3 TB internal; expandable by 1 TB
Inputs: Coax cable or antenna, Ethernet, USB 2.0 (2), CableCARD slot
Outputs: HDMI, optical digital audio, stereo analog audio, eSATA
Dimensions (WxHxD, Inches): 11.4 x 1.8 x 7.3
Weight (Pounds): 1.9
Price: $200-$500 plus service plan

Company Info
(877) 494-4567

(877) 494-4567

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Hey Michael!
One important note needs to be made here regarding HDR: Unless something has just changed, the TiVo Bolt currently can NOT play HDR. While the software/firmware/whateverware may be loaded in the machine, the content partners (like Netflix and Amazon) haven't yet done their part to make the HDR in TiVos functional. At least that's what I've read. Please let us know if there's any news there.

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You're correct, Rob. The BOLT supports two formats of HDR: HLG and HDR10. TiVo says it is working with Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and Vudu to deploy HDR support in their apps later this year. YouTube has chosen VP9 profile 2, which TiVo says it will not be able to support with the BOLT hardware. The same applies to Dolby Vision, which will require updated silicon. A TiVo spokesperson said he did not have the dates for when each app will be updated, but you can expect the roll out to be similar to how 4K UHD support has gone. That is, one by one as development and certification gets done.

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4K content is virtually all on demand from Amazon or Netflix so there's no need to record it. I get these services directly through my smart TV so the Bolt really doesn't have anything I need. The Roamio OTA DVR only does 1080P which is what all broadcast TV is at the moment and includes lifetime programming service in the price.

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Agreed. There's little to be gained from recording a program to a living room DVR if you can stream it on demand. There's even less reason if the only way to get 4K is by streaming it.

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Hi Michael. What are your thoughts about PlayOn Cloud? It doesn't require a monthly subscription unless you sign up to store your recordings on their server.


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i just recently purchased this thing in the hopes of being able to record our over the air shows (or even just to pause them!). But the signal being split between 4 tuners brought my 30+ channels down to 1 (sometimes 0)!!!!
Wondering if this could be fixed with a stronger antenna (We have a decent one outside on the house)? Or am I screwed?!!! Thanks in advance