The Tech2 Stuff to Read While Waiting in Line Guide

Everyone else is doing those Black Friday shopping guides. We do things a bit differently here at the Tech2 shack on the S+V compound.

Knowing how many people have smartphones, and would rather look at them then stare at the schlub in front of them in line, we present “Stuff to Read While Waiting in Line.” Or, to translate for the New Yorkers out there: “Stuff to Read While Waiting on Line.”

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll burp turkey from yesterday.


Here’s a great discussion of all the different speaker types.

Why you want a speaker with a flat frequency response.

The difficulty with in-home A/B comparisons.

Why you should think twice about subscription streaming music services.

and a follow up, in which I recant slightly.

Amuse yourself with the awfulness of the headphones in our Celebrity Cans Shootout.


HDTV Color Spaces Explained.

What distortion is, and what it does to your sound.

Subwoofers: Do you need 4, 2, or just 1?

Is LCD and LED LCD HDTV uniformity a problem?

Is plasma HDTV burn-in a problem?


Why output impedance matters.

Some of the best scientific papers in the history of audio, all free.

Why measuring contrast ratios — especially in plasmas — is difficult:

And, of course, the greatest speaker ever made.

Happy Holiday Shopping Days