SVS SB-3000 Subwoofer Review Specs

13-in high-excursion driver in sealed enclosure
Amplifier: 800 watts RMS (2,500 watts peak)
Connections: line-level stereo in, high-pass out; trigger input, port for optional wireless adapter
Dimensions (WxHxD, inches): 15.2 x 15 x 17.8
Weight (pounds): 54.5
Price: $1,099 (piano gloss black), $999 (black ash)

Company Info
(877) 626-5623
(877) 626-5623

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"Looking at my measurements, what most shocked me . . ." Speaking of measurements, where are they?

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S&V has stopped publishing measurements for audio components. The reviews sometimes mention such things, but they are never printed. This makes many of the reviews, especially of speakers, totally useless. TVs get a complete set of measurements, but nothing for audio products. I have protested, as have many others, but nobody appears to be listening. The "explanation" from the editor in the magazine was nonsensical. As a result, after many years of reading Audio, Stereo Review and Sound & Vision, I am allowing my subscription to lapse. I'll just visit this site occasionally, and S&V will get no more money from me.

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Use of "WAF" is offensive. However, remarks of domesticity make the writing more relevant and enjoyable--good work!

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Sorry the use of WAF is offensive to you and I don't use it to offend, it's a reality in my home. If my wife doesn't accept it, I have zero chance of keeping it! As for relevant and enjoyable, thank you very much :)
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So what are the CEA 2010 measurements for the sub? If it is better than a ported 15 incher I was considering, I would buy this because it is smaller and sealed, so maybe a little better for certain kinds of music.

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S&V will never tell you the CEA 2010 numbers, or anything else that would require them to get out a measuring device such as a sound level meter. They have become useless.

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The SVS website provides measurements that have always been accurate when compared to third-party testing.