Sony’s Adds Alexa Voice Control to its Android TVs

Who says Amazon and Google don’t play nice together? Sony today announced that its Android-powered TVs are the first to offer Alexa voice control and expanded capabilities through a new Amazon app.

Owners of Alexa-certified Sony Android TVs dating back to 2016 can now install the Amazon Alexa Music, Cameras and TV Control app, by selecting it from the “Sony Select” row on the home screen and following prompts.

Once the app is installed, viewers will be able to operate the TV using voice commands and display live video feeds from smart-home cameras made by Ring, Wyze, Nest, and others. The app is compatible with Sony’s Android TV skill for Alexa, allowing viewers to use a paired Amazon Echo device to control video playback on Prime Video and other apps, and makes it possible to play music from Pandora and Amazon Music using voice commands; viewers can select music by song, artist, or genre. Spotify will be added later this year.

The app is compatible with all of Sony’s 2019 Android TV models; 2018’s A9F, A8F, Z9F, X900F, X850F, X830F, X780F, and X750F TVs; 2017’s A1E, X940E, X930E, X900E, X850E, and X800E models; and 2016’s Z9D, X800D, X750D, and X700D TVs.

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