Sony KDL-V40XBR1 LCD HDTV At A Glance & Ratings

At A Glance: Sony KDL-V40XBR1 LCD HDTV


Video: HDMI (2), component video (3), S-video (1), composite video (3)
Audio: Analog stereo (6), headphone minijack (1)
Video: None
Audio: Digital optical
Additional: CableCARD, RF cable input, RF antenna input, RS-232 (1)

Ratings: Sony KDL-V40XBR1 LCD HDTV

Build Quality: 88
• Too many LCD TVs look like junk—this one doesn't
• Trim and stand are all plastic, although that does help reduce weight

Value: 91
• If you watch a lot of TV, whether analog or digital, you'll get your money's worth
• If you depend heavily on interlaced SD sources, possibly not

Features: 91
• CableCARD, QAM, ATSC, and NTSC make this set fully tuner-loaded
• USB for digital still camera (but no memory card readers)

Performance: 89
• Wide viewing angle
• Adept treatment of analog channels
• Jaggies visible with interlaced component in

Ergonomics: 88
• Remote is simple and sweet
• Right-side controls prevent overdependence on the remote
• Video settings way too hard to access

Overall Rating: 90
Sony does a lot right with this 40-inch LCD HDTV. Its viewing angle compares well with most competitors, and, if you're addicted to television, your digital and analog channels will look superb. But you'll need a progressive-scan DVD player to make this set look its best.

General Information
KDL-V40XBR1 LCD HDTV, $3,500
Sony Electronics
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Sony Electronics
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