Sonos Drops ‘Recycle Mode’ Requirement for ‘Trade Up’ Program

Sonos is apparently looking to win back favor from longstanding customers who were pissed when the company announced in January that some of its older products would stop receiving updates in May.

The company that pioneered wireless speakers says owners of “legacy” products who want to get a 30% discount on new Sonos gear under its “Trade Up” program no longer need to put the old speaker in “recycle mode,” which “permanently deactivates your product,” effectively turning it into a large paperweight.

Sonos quietly removed the recycle mode from its app, replacing it with a notice asking people interested in receiving the Trade Up discount to call customer service, according to a report in The Verge. Owners now need only prove that they own legacy products by validating its serial number to get the Trade Up discount.

The Sonos website does not yet reflect the new policy but is expected to be updated in the coming weeks, according the report.

One can only conclude Sonos has made a smart move to eliminate a dumb requirement that has understandably rankled many of its customers.

The 30% credit toward new Sonos gear is available to owners of ZP80, ZP90, ZP100, ZP120 zone players and first generation PLAY:5 speakers.

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