Samsung's 4K x 2K 63-inch Plasma

Samsung is certainly getting a lot of press out of the FPD International 2008. We've seen their flexy OLED, their 40-inch Full HD OLED, and now, they're really pulling out all the stops.

Samsung unveiled a 63-inch plasma screen with resolution of 4k x 2k, just waiting for a home format that will support that. They have not released the other specs on this, but this is more than just a prototype - this is actually a model that could see mass manufacturing.

Tech-on has more details on how they managed to get all those pixels on the screen.

1C "In order to reduce the pixel size, the barrier rib structure was slimmed down. Also, the cell structure, the transparent electrode, and the bus electrode were reviewed.

"One side of a pixel used for a 63-inch full HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) panel is 0.726mm with a pixel size of 0.339 x 0.363mm."

Samsung just continues to wow the masses. Can't wait for some of this stuff to trickle down to the real world . . . and my home theater. -Leslie Shapiro

Tech On