Samsung: Singing the Blues at 240Hz

There have been plenty of new developments in plasma displays lately, but here's some interesting news from Samsung in the LCD world. Samsung just revealed the world's first LCD screen driven at 240Hz. The new "Blue Phase" LCD panel is a huge leap toward giving LCD images a more natural movement. Current LCD screens are driven at 120Hz, so do the math: the new screens respond twice as fast. This reduces the need to overdrive the the 120Hz circuits. What are the other advantages to going Blue?

Img_mark_2 The Blue Phase screens are very cost-efficient to build because they don't require the same alignment processes currently used. Hopefully, that cost savings will be passed on to consumers. 

Another advantage of the new Blue Phase panels is their resistance to "bruising." Current LCD screens can develop duller sections with reduced brightness if they're subjected to pressure. Blue Phase screens are less prone to this artifact.

Better cost, faster performance, less bruising distortion -- it's jut too bad that we'll probably have to wait until 2011 to see Blue Phase in mass production.-Leslie Shapiro