Rotel RSX-1057 Receiver: Coming Attraction

  • $1,499
  • 75-Watts x 5 into 8 ohms
  • DD, DD-EX, ProLogicIIx, Dolby Virtual Speaker, Dolby Headphone, DTS, DTS-ES/Discrete/Matrix/Neo: 6, MP3, MPEG multichannel, HDCD
Features We Like: HDMI 11 switching, transcoding of composite and S-Video to component video, three coaxial and two toslink digital audio inputs, one 7.1-channel analog audio input, preamp outs, expandable to 7.1-channels, massive overbuilt power supply, multi-source/multi-zone

Rotel has always offered discerning enthusiasts a refined specialty product with superior sonic performance for the same price as the mass-market boxes. Rotel's approach has always been to downplay the bells and whistles and focus on pure performance. The RSX-1057 is nevertheless outfitted with some strong features. While it doesn't come with an iPod dock, it does have HDMI 1.1 switching and the latest surround processing from DTS and Dolby. And don't let the 75-Watt rating fool you- Rotel's AVR has a robust, high-current output. We can't wait to get a closer look.