Rotel RSP-1570 Surround Processor and RMB-1575 Amplifier Video Test Bench

Video Test Bench

The Rotel RSP-1570 is a direct passthrough, HDMI in to HDMI out. That is, it performs no video scaling or upconversion from its HDMI inputs. Therefore, only the video clipping and resolution tests, performed here as usual with a 1080p input, are applicable, and the processor offered clean HDMI passthrough.

The Analog section of our chart indicates how the device handles cross-converting a component input to an HDMI output. At least judging from our standard tests, the Rotel isn’t particularly effective at this. It failed most of the tests (and in the clipping test, it passed below black but severely clipped all of the white levels on our Spears & Munsil test disc, even those that extend several steps below white). Oddly, it excelled at the Analog scaling test (480p in, 1080p out). Also note that while the Video Input/Output Format table in the manual implies that the RSP-1570 will not produce a 1080p HDMI output from a 1080p component input, in our testing it did.

While we don’t recommend using the analog-in, HDMI-out cross-conversion in the Rotel for any but your least critical sources, most AVRs and surround processors we’ve tested that have this feature do a mediocre job of it at best. That doesn’t mean that you’ll always see artifacts with typical program material using cross-conversion, only that such artifacts are more likely to occur than in a product that passes our Test Bench challenges.—TJN

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Well. If I could audition audio equipment the way we can test-drive cars, I could decide if it is something that I want to aspire for 10 years down the line, or ignore it altogether because my ears can't tell the difference. Till then, I don't care.

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I own both the Rotel 1570 and the "older" Rotel 1077.
I also auditioned the current Rotel ICE amps. I 100% agree with Michael's assessment on the new Ice Amps. However, the Rotel 1077 is a completely different fruit all together.

The Rotel 1077 uses the 250 ASP modules in the front 2 channels from B&O. Stable down to 2 ohms, tons of power, and VERY musical. No harshness whatsoever IMO. Unfortunately, the amp didn't sell well due to its high price and relatively small stature. It didn't look like a powerful amp. That counts.

The newer models with the radiator front, use a cheaper configuration and are prob selling better.
However, IMO, they have taken a huge step backwards. If you can find a Rotel 1077 used, audition it, and I'm pretty confident, it won't sound anything like the RMB-1575.