Review: Lauren O'Connell's Quitters

I could have reviewed the new Bob Dylan album this week. Not finding it possible to be even the slightly objective, I'll just say buy it cause it's awesome.

Instead, I figured I'd review something more obscure, even if it is a few months "old."

But what is "old" in this digital age? It's new to you when you find it, right? And I bet most of you hadn't found this, and you might regret missing it. 

I found Lauren O'Connell while doing research for my most recent Spotify rant. I'd set a Julia Nunes radio channel, and O'Connell came up. Perhaps not surprisingly, they're friends, both play a variety of instruments, and both got their start making YouTube videos.

However, their musical styles are quite different. Where Nunes' music is infused with an optimism and almost bubbly quirk, O'Connell is more weary and melancholy. Her versatile voice adapts to the subject matter. On the growling, and my favorite, "I Will Burn You Down" she rolls some twang, some grit, and some anger with regret. On this track, and on "If Found/Gravity" I'm reminded of Lucinda Williams.

Yet on "I Belong to You" she's far more intimate, leaving behind the overdrive for somber-yet-hopeful singer/songwriter:

I'm reminded of another of my personal favorites, Jaymay.

Here O'Connell is with Julia Nunes:

You can see her videos on her YouTube channel, (including an especially clever cover of Wilco's "I Am Trying to Break Your Heart") and you can get her songs directly from her Bandcamp page.

Or get the whole CD, it's consistently really good, and probably my favorite new CD.

Well, new to me.