Revel Unveils PerformaBe Speaker Series

Revel has unveiled the PerformaBe speaker series born out of the desire to “create a loudspeaker that redefines performance expectations.”

Using the Top Pick-designated Performa3 F208 and M106 as starting points, the Harman-owned brand says it re-engineered all component and equipped the models with a new tweeter made of Beryllium, which offers 4.5 times the stiffness and 3 times more damping than other metals at only half of the weight. The company acknowledged that tweeters using diamond vapor deposit diaphragms possess similar characteristics for stiffness and damping but incur a weight penalty that limits performance.

The low frequency and midrange transducers boast Revel’s newly developed Deep Ceramic Composite (DCC) cone technology, which is said to create a much stiffer, better damped cone than untreated aluminum.

The high-order crossover networks used in the new series speakers are built with components chosen to “dramatically reduce distortion and dynamic compression…over a wide dynamic range.” Revel wrote on its website: “These networks optimize the speakers' timbre accuracy, enhancing the listener's enjoyment anywhere in the room — even off axis.”

Other common features include updated cabinets, a ceramic-coated cast-aluminum Acoustic Lens waveguide, and grilles that attach magnetically.

The speakers are available in four high-gloss finishes — black, white, walnut, and metallic silver — and feature Revel’s signature curved-top panels painted in metallic black with a raised Performa logo.

Pricing was not announced.

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Quite a jump for a new tweeter and different cone material.

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A showdown between Revel's PerformaBe vs. Paradigm Persona line would
be much appreciated Mr. Editor (A.G).
Give us a reprieve from Smart speakers and Soundbars.