Quirky's SwitchFlip Offers Basic Lighting Control for Switched Outlets

Quirky's new SwitchFlip system takes a standard, switch-controlled outlet and turns it into a single-room, multi-fixture smart lighting system. The SwitchFlip is designed to be used with any switch-controlled outlet. The basic package includes a SwitchFlip Transmitter and a SwitchFlip Receiver. The Transmitter is plugged into the switch-controlled outlet, and the light fixture that was plugged into the outlet plugs into the outlet on the side of the Receiver. One or more of the SwitchFlip Receivers can then be plugged into non-switch-controlled outlets anywhere in the room—Quirky says the range within the same room is approximately 100 feet, although layout and furnishings will vary the effective range—and additional freestanding light fixtures can be plugged into the various SwitchFlip Receivers. (Transmitters and Receivers include one outlet, each.)

When the switch controlling the outlet with the SwitchFlip Transmitter is turned on, the Transmitter signals the Receivers in the room to turn on. Likewise, the Transmitter relays to the Receivers the command to turn off when the master switch is flipped off. No app is needed to set up or operate the SwitchFlip system; nor is there need for additional wiring, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi.

The SwitchFlip Transmitter is available in white with a blue bottom trim. The SwitchFlip Receiver is available in white only. The SwitchFlip system package includes one Transmitter and one Receiver and is available now for $29.99. Additional SwitchFlip Receivers are available for $9.99/each.

John K's picture

Is this only for lighting, or could it be used to let your switched outlet cut off power to vampire electrical drain when you leave the room? Or could it be used with a light bulb socket extender that has a plug, adding switching capability to a floor lamp?