Procella Previews In-Wall/Ceiling Height Speaker, Amp

High-end home theater speaker specialist Procella Audio has announced an in-wall/ceiling speaker intended primarily for height and surround applications.

Designed to deliver the same performance as Procella’s standalone P8 speaker, the P8iW teams an 8-inch woofer and 1.5-inch high-frequency compression in a shallow cabinet with mounting “wings” that extend out from its sides. The compression driver’s output flows through a new 90-degree circular waveguide mounted at a 15-degree angle relative to the front baffle, enabling high frequencies to be directed toward the listening position, even when the speaker is mounted overhead. Peak output is rated as 128 dB.

The P8iW’s front baffle can be removed for easy access to the drivers and crossovers and the speaker comes with black and white fabric grille covers. Procella expects to ship the P8iW mid-year.

Procella also announced the DA-08DSP reference subwoofer amplifier rated to deliver 2 x 1,200 watts into 8 ohms or 2 x 2,400 watts into 4 ohms — twice the output of the company’s DA06-DSP amplifier. The amp features a massive power supply to “ensure dynamic low-frequency output at even the highest playback levels” and DSP presets for all Procella speakers. The amplifier is expected to ship in the late spring.

Pricing was not announced.