Poll: S&V Readers Weigh In on HDR

Just over half (51%) of those who participated in our recent poll asking “how often do you watch HDR content” said they cue up 4K HDR (high dynamic range) movies and TV shows as much as they can (29%) or between one to four times a week (22%).

“For me, the best part about HDR video is the wider color gamut,” one respondent commented. “At times, HDR can look amazing and, at other times, it can be distracting. I only wish there was SDR [standard dynamic range] with wide color gamut.”

Three in 10 (34%) never watch in HDR because their TV doesn’t support the technology but about two-thirds of them (21%) wish their TV was HDR-capable.

Meanwhile, 15% of the respondents reported watching HDR “every now and then but not very often” and 13% just don’t care. “My TV supports HDR, but I don't care for it,” wrote one respondent. “To me HDR looks very artificial. Yeah, it makes the picture look better, but very unreal, almost as bad as the ‘vivid’ picture mode some TVs offer.”

Here’s the full breakdown of the poll results:

  • 29% – I watch as much HDR content as I can find.
  • 21% – Never. My TV doesn’t support HDR but I wish it did.
  • 15% – Every now and then but not very often.
  • 13% – Once or twice a week.
  • 13% – Never. My TV doesn’t support HDR and that’s fine with me.
  • 9% – Three or four times a week.

johnnydeagle's picture

I wonder if those complaining about HDR looking too artificial need to calibrate their TV's for HDR viewing?
Does HDR require it's own calibration, separate from non HDR calibration?