Pioneer Elite VSX-84TSXi AV Receiver: First Look

  • Price: $1,500
  • Channels/Power: 7x140W
  • Decoding: DD, DD EX, ProLogic IIx, DTS, DTS-ES Discrete/Matrix/Neo:6, DTS 24/96, Windows Media Audio
  • Ins and Outs: Two coaxial and five toslink optical digital audio inputs, one 7.1-channel analog audio input, 7.1-channel preamp outs, i.LINK, four HDMI inputs, three component inputs, USB, multi-source/multi-zone, RS-232, two 12V triggers
  • Highlights: THX Select2, HDMI switching, transcoding of analog video to HDMI with upconversion to 720p or 1080i by Faroudja, 24/96 A-D and 24/192 D-A conversion, MCACC audio setup and calibration, XM and iPod compatible,
A couple of years ago an AVR outfitted like the Pioneer Elite VSX-84TSXi might have cost you thousands. It has every surround decoding feature known to man, but also includes HDMI switching and transcoding/upconversion powered by Faroudja, and multimedia options including a USB input, and XM and iPod compatibility. It also has ample power reserves, at 140-Watts per channel, and includes sophisticated auto setup and calibration. In short, this looks like a hell of an AVR for $1,500. Available now.