Periodic to Launch Mini Amp & Conduct Free Headphone Tests at CanJam

Periodic Audio will launch its first portable amplifier at the CanJam headphone show that opens at New York City’s Marriott Marquis on Saturday.

Previewed last fall, the Nickel ($300) is said to provide “nearly unlimited clean power” for most headphones from a small rectangular box that weighs half an ounce and fits in a watch pocket. For specs and more information, visit

Throughout the weekend show, Periodic will use professional test gear to conduct free headphone evaluations at its booth. The CRY Sound system, which is used for quality control during headphone production, will measure frequency response, impedance, phase, distortion, channel balance, sensitivity and polarity of over- and in-ear headphones.

The test takes about 3 seconds. Test results will be emailed to participants.