Parting Shots of CEDIA 2011

CEDIA Expo 2011 is history, but the memory lingers on. Many manufacturers go to great trouble and expense to dazzle showgoers with their booths, and I always photograph a few of the best ones as I wander the floor. My favorite this year was the Klipsch booth with its floating translucent columns encasing LEDs that provided an ever-changing light show. But it wasn't the only booth that caught my eye…

KEF's booth featured this elegant crystal chandelier sparkling high above the show floor.

SpeakerCraft always constructs a great booth with lots of organic elements, and this year was no exception.

Runco's WindowWall tiled display was assembled in a sculptural array showing stills from classic black-and-white movies, forming a great juxtaposition with all the modernity surrounding it.

This open-top view of a Mark Levinson No. 53 monoblock power amp ($25,000 each!) was not an architectural element of Harman's booth, but the internal red-LED illumination looked way cool.

Sony's booth was topped with these large projection screens showing abstract colors in slowly evolving patterns.

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Thanks so much to the team at Home Theater! You guys posted some of the BEST coverage of CEDIA 2011! I really enjoyed all of it, especially since my company never sends me to go in's the next best thing reading your site! Keep up all the good work!

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It's been so wonderful watching all the great coverage of CEDIA 2011 from the Home Theater boys! I can't thank you enough for the hard work you all have done as it has been marvelous. Until CES!!!