Paradigm Premier 700F Speaker System Review Specs

700F 5.5 in polypropylene cone woofers (2), 5.5 in polypropylene cone midrange, 1 in dome tweeter; 8.4 x 39.9 x 12.7 in (WxHxD); 48.2 lb
500C 5.5 in polypropylene cone woofers (2), 4 in cone midrange, 1 in dome tweeter; 20.2 x 7.2 x 13.8 in (WxHxD); 26 lb
200B 6.5 in polypropylene cone woofer; 1 in dome tweeter; 7.9 x 13.3 x 12.7 in (WxHxD); 18 lb
Defiance X-12 subwoofer 12 in driver; 650 watts RMS (1300W dynamic peak); ported; stereo RCA line-level in; line level LFE in; speaker level in; trigger input; Wireless Module (sold separately); 18 x 19.5 x 18.8 (WxHxD); 62 lb
Price: $4,700 (700F, $1,600 pr; 500C, $800; 200B, $1,000 pr; Defiance X-12, $1,300)

Company Info
Paradigm Electronics Inc.
(905) 564-1994
Paradigm Electronics Inc.
(905) 564-1994

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Test data or it didn't happen....

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The reviewer writes that a feature "is said" to do X or Y multiple times in this review.

Is said by whom? I assume Paradigm, but if that's the case, say so. "Paradigm claims X" or "Paradigm says Y" is much more specific.

And the abandonment of objective testing by S&V is really depressing. Most modern speakers sound good. I'd like some hard data to go with "they sound good... a bit bright".

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I started reading Stereo Review in 1978. Julian Hirsch reviews were the gospel truth for us readers/subscribers. Those reviews included detailed measurements and some graphs.
I don't find fault with S&V current approach to reviews. The market is vastly different in 2019. Frankly S&V is trying to remain relevant and simultaneously somewhat profitable in an age were print media is dead or dying for the most part.
To those who immediately criticize the lack of measurement data I say, check out higher end equipment review sites such as the one mentioned by Tom (
You will find their reviews full of graphs and measurement data, along with significant esoteric ramblings.
Julian Hirsch always advised us to evaluate speakers in your home environment, and be sure to have a 30 days exchange or return option on your purchased.
We don't purchase data measurements, we purchase gear for our enjoyment.
Specifically, for our own home environment, where acoustics are a major factor of said enjoyment.
Exactly for this reason Pre-amps, and receivers now include, or at least easily work with, room sound correction software (Dirac, Audyssey,etc).
In short for us readers the buying process is as follows:
read the review, auditioned (listen) if at all possible in a local retail distributor, purchase the speaker with 30 day exchange/ return option, set up speakers using sound correction software and good old fashion listening, listen to your music and movies for a couple of weeks, if pleased keep your speakers and rejoice, otherwise return and repeat the process.
Lastly, Tom used $10,000 worth of electronics to listen to a 5.1 Speaker system priced under $5,000. That fact alone makes measurement data for most of those who will purchase the Paradigm Premier 700F almost irrelevant. Dedicated A/V distributors/retailers will tell you that most buyers who spend $5,000 or less on a 5.1 speaker system will spend less than $2,000 in electronics to be used with said speakers.
In fact Tom Norton use of two subs (while only pricing one in the review), and his use of quality higher end Pre-Amp, amp, source player placed the speakers in the best situation possible for his review of these speakers.
Kudos to Tom, shame on those who demand measurements.
My current pair of dream speakers are Paradigm Persona 5F Towers.
At $17,000 a per you better believe I have checked out every review, including those with detail graphing and measurements. I have also auditioned these glorious sounding and gorgeous looking speakers in the highly controlled sound environment of my preferred local retailer.
Even if I had the money, I would only pull the trigger on the purchased on the written stipulation of a 30 day at home trial.
For 5.1 system under $5,000 expecting measurements is almost ludicrous.

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You must be getting tired after carrying all that water.

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But I still want my measurements.
Otherwise nice review. Always liked Paradigm's value and sound. Slight treble boost and all.