Panasonic's Big, Green and Thin

No, not the Jolly Green Giant. EngadgetHD has news from IFA about Panasonic's newest products. Plasma prototypes that are very big, very thin, or very eco-friendly.

Not happy with a 103-inch screen, Panasonic debuted a 150-inch 4K plasma. I want a home theater big enough to support this thing. Prices aren't available yet.

As most manufacturers know, you can never be too thin. Panasonic is showing off three new "super thin" plasma models. All three are only 24.7mm thin - not as paper-thin as some HDTVs we're seeing, but they'll still make you look twice. There is a 50-inch, 58-inch and 65-inch that will include Wireless HD. Now, that is exciting.

What about the green model? Worried that ecological benefit will effect performance? Put down that granola and keep reading.

Ultrathinpdp Panasonic was showing off a 42-inch prototype plasma that uses about half the power of the current 42-inch 1080p model. It maintains the same brightness while doubling the luminance efficiency.

Highluminancepdp Nice looking products from Panasonic out of IFA. -Leslie Shapiro