Panasonic: Delivering More Affordable Blu Chips

One of the reasons many consumers are holding off on buying into Blu-ray is their complaints about the cost.  Hopefully, Panasonic's latest development will help bring the price down, reduce power consumption, and add more features. Panasonic's new single-chip signal processing LSI has complete support for Profile 2.0 features. What does this new development mean?

The new MN2WS006 is half the size of older processors. With features such as picture-in-picture, the processor will be essential in BD-Live players and help provide models that are smaller, lighter, and cheaper. Who can complain about that?

This new model supports DTS-HD MA, Dolby TrueHD, DivX 1080p, Ethernet and laser control, graphics including 3D curved surface drawing, and more. Video decoding will provide playback for Blu-ray, DVD, and CD. What makes this new development most exciting is that this single chip handles front and back end processing.

This new development should be in players starting in June. I just wonder how long until the price savings start showing up.-Leslie Shapiro

Via Akihabara News