Origin Acoustics Ships Voice-Activated Valet System

Custom-installation specialist Origin Acoustics is now shipping the voice-controlled Valet Amplifier it previewed last fall at CEDIA 2017.

The AV850 amplifier uses patent-pending technology to transform Amazon’s Echo Dot into a voice-controlled, distributed-audio source for high-quality in-ceiling (and in-wall) speakers.

“Valet was created to provide a simple platform for integration with the Echo Dot providing voice-controlled distributed audio with a dramatic upgrade in sound quality from that found in the Dot itself,” explained Origin Acoustics founder and CEO Jeremy Burkhardt in a recent interview with Sound & Vision. “The Dot connects with a standard Ethernet cable that powers the Dot and returns the audio signal to the amplifier. At that point, 50 watts of power is now available to drive speakers in the walls or ceiling of the remote room while controlling the zone through voice commands.

“The system becomes even more appealing by mounting the Dot behind an in-ceiling speaker grille using our patented Tool-less mounting system,” Burkhardt continued. “Now the Dot is essentially invisible and the experience mimics that of a Star Trek crew member walking into the room and verbally addressing the computer. The experience is further enhanced by the sonic quality that is transformed from that of a decent smartphone speaker to that of a quality pair of 6-, 8-, or 10-inch stereo speakers designed for full frequency reproduction.”

The retail price of a four-zone (8 x 50 watts) Valet amplifier setup is $1,600, while a four-pack of Origin’s tool-less bracket with an Echo Dot-specific baffle insert and balun range in price from $320 to $400, depending on speaker model.

For more information on how Valet works, visit valetamplifiers.com.

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