New Toshiba LCDs Connect in Japan

LCD TVs , like many other electronics sold in Japan, are souped-up, highly-advanced machines that companies evidently think Americans aren't ready to handle. Take, for instance, Toshiba's new batch of ten Regza LCD TV models, which hit the Japanese market this month and next month.

Toshiba, the U.S. market is ready, promise. Americans can be resourceful. They'll figure out creative things to do with the 52-inches, four HDMI slots, three ethernet slots, two USB ports, Bluetooth connectivity, Firewire port, SD slot, built-in DVR and 300 gigabyte hard disk in the new ZH500 model. Please?

Of course, that TV costs $5,850. That's a lot of money, but spent on this Toshiba model, it buys more utility than you can currently get from any TV available in the U.S. Toshiba also has cheaper models available with varying numbers of ports, disk space and screen inches. But when daydreaming, why not go all the way?

It seems like at least twelve different components, attachments, and devices could be connected to this TV.  Help me compile the ultimate TV-connectivity wish list. -Rachel Rosmarin