New Products - September 2004

Onkyo If you want to hear the back surround channel in 6.1-channel movie soundtracks, but don't want to shell out a lot of coin, Onkyo's TX-SR502 receiver will get the job done for a song. Besides decoding Dolby Digital EX and DTS-ES material, the receiver has Dolby Pro Logic IIx processing, which can create a 6.1-channel listening experience from 5.1-channel or stereo sources. It's rated to deliver 75 watts to each of its six channels, and there's a multichannel analog audio input for hooking up a DVD-Audio or Super Audio CD player. You can connect both an HDTV tuner and a progressive-scan DVD player to the receiver, so you need only one component-video connection to your TV. Pick either the black or silver finish. Price: $300., 800-229-1687

0904 new products - hitachiHitachi You can forget about tape and transferring footage when you have Hitachi's UltraVision DZMV580A DVD camcorder. Just capture a scene on a 3-inch blank disc, and it's ready to plop into your DVD player. The cam records on either DVD-R (compatible with most DVD players) or DVD-RAM discs. With the latter, you can choose a variable bit rate for higher-quality images, though somewhat less recording time (40 minutes instead of 60), and record in a 16:9 aspect ratio for perfect viewing on a widescreen TV. The DVD-RAM format also lets you perform in-camera edits. But if you want to use the supplied Windows video-editing software, just upload your footage to a PC via the USB 2.0 port. The camcorder's 1-megapixel image sensor can take 1,290 x 960-pixel still pictures, which you can store on DVD or a Secure Digital (SD) card (a 16-megabyte card is supplied). The lens has a 10 x optical zoom. Price: $1,000., 800-448-2244

0904 new products - paradigmParadigm Want to really get down with the music? Your sound system will be there for you with Paradigm's Seismic 12 subwoofer, rated to a thunderously low 17 Hz (-3 dB). A 1,200-watt amplifier drives its 12-inch driver to get that air moving, and a pair of 10-inch passive radiators tunes the enclosure for maximum bass. The sub turns on automatically when it receives a signal, plus it has trigger switches for control-system hookups. Line-level RCA and balanced XLR inputs are provided along with phase and level controls, and to ensure a smooth blend between the sub and your main speakers, the crossover is variable from 35 to 160 Hz. Finished in black ash, the Seismic 12 weighs 29 pounds. Price: $1,700., 905-632-0180