New Products -- October 2004 Page 3

NetStreams new products - 1004 - netstreamsUnlike other distributed-audio systems that use separate power amplifiers, NetStreams' Musica MU4602 has amps built into the keypads for each zone. Pads rated to deliver 25 or 50 watts per channel are available, and the 50-watter accepts an optional FM tuner. The Musica controller takes stereo audio from four sources and can distribute it independently to up to six zones. (You can daisy-chain controllers for up to 18 zones.) Through auxiliary inputs on the keypads, a source within a zone can hook up to the speakers in that room. The keypads have LCD screens and window-style menus for easy programming, and codes are stored in the controller so you don't have to tediously program each pad. Prices: MU4602, $1,400; keypads, $299 to $499 each., 512-977-9393

JBL new products - 1004 - jblWhether you want an entire in-ceiling home theater speaker system or just want your surrounds to disappear, JBL's SP6CS speaker can help. For starters, it has dual 3/4-inch tweeters that rotate independently for stereo sound - handy if you want a 7.1-channel speaker system but only want to make one pair of cutouts for the surround speakers. The 6 1/2-inch titanium-laminate woofer takes the speaker's response down to 40 Hz (-10 dB), and sensitivity is rated as 88 dB. The plate's diameter is 9 1/4 inches, and it comes with brackets for retrofits. Frames for new construction are optional. Price: $249 a pair., 516-255-4525

Denon new products - 1004 - denonIt's the mother of all receivers: with ten channels of amplification (at 170 watts each!), Denon's colossal AVR-5805 can serve two independent zones with 5.1-channel sound. Or you can configure up to three remote zones for stereo or mono while the main zone feasts on multichannel. Room Equalization lets you tweak the sound to suit each zone's acoustics. The five component-video, one DVI, and three HDMI inputs give you plenty to choose from for HDTV sources, and all composite- and S-video signals are converted to component. Two multichannel analog inputs - ten- and six-channel - are ready for your DVD-Audio/SACD player, but if it has a digital Denon Link or FireWire output, you need only one connection to the receiver. This 90-pound bad boy measures 17 x 12 x 20 1/2 inches and will be available in November. Price: $6,000., 973-396-0810 Klipsch new products - 1004 - klipschInstalling in-wall speakers is inherently a big undertaking, but Klipsch's latest models are determined to make it as easy as possible. The R-3800-W, part of the 3000 Series, has a locking frame that uses only two screws to mount the speaker once you've made the wall cutout (14 3/4 x 9 1/4 inches for this model). The 1-inch tweeter is loaded by the company's signature Tractrix horn, which pivots up to 90° so you can aim the sound at your listening position. A treble switch lets you adjust the highs to your liking. The grille's "no-hassle" design makes it simple to put on and take off. Price: $649 a pair., 800-554-7724