New Products - May 2005

Samsung The latest DLP big screens from Samsung are led by the HLR5688W, which measures 56 inches (diagonal) and boasts a native resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. Yep, that's enough for ultra-high 1080p (progressive-scan) resolution, folks. All video signals - whether from the built-in digital and analog tuners, your cable box or satellite receiver, your DVD player, or another extearnal source - are scaled up to 1080p. Despite its hefty specs, the set's only 22 inches deep with the integrated stand. Connections include two HDMI inputs, which guarantee the best possible picture from the new breed of HDMI-equipped DVD players. Price: $4,999., 800-726-7864

0505-newproducts-jvc.jpg JVC One push of a button is all it takes to transfer your old VHS tapes to DVD with the JVC DR-MV5S. You don't have to worry about disc space since the recorder automatically checks the tape speed and selects the right recording mode to fit the program on the DVD. It'll also insert chapter markers and capture thumbnail images for the disc menu, and it even ignores blank stretches of tape. The double deck records on DVD-R/RW or DVD-RAM discs and - if you want to go retro - VHS. Price: $450., 800-526-5308

0505-newproducts-belkin.jpgBelkin A road trip can turn into a mobile musical adventure when you have tunes from your iPod mini playing through the car stereo. But if you put the player on the dash, you risk losing it under the seat when you hit the gas, plus you're back to dreary FM when the battery runs out. With Belkin's TuneBase, your iPod mini stays close at hand and powered up for as long as you're in the car. Plug the TuneBase into the cigarette-lighter socket, and the flexible steel neck holds the player within easy reach. You'll need a separate cassette adapter or FM modulator to jack it into the audio system. Or you could go for the TuneBase FM (not shown), which has a built-in modulator, for 30 bucks more. Price: $50., 800-223-5546

NOTE All prices and product information are supplied by the manufacturers. Dealer prices may vary.