New Products: iPod Pit Stop

It really is a pit stop when you park your 'Pod in Corgi's Nissan Silvia iCar ($35). Yes, we're talkin' that Corgi, the British maker of die-cast scale-model cars, celebrating its 50th anniversary. Here, you get a 1:24-scale Silvia atop stereo speakers. The iCar won't change your click wheel, but it will rock & roll - right to left, front to back, up and down - when you plug and play. It will also shine a light (colored lights, that is) on the rims and undercarriage. Prefer a Cadillac? You can get an Escalade in either black or iPod white. (


If you're still looking back to the future, consider furnishing your iPod pad with Speck's SpeckTone Retro ($150). Measuring 14 x 5 x 7 inches, this tabletop system not only has stereo speakers but also includes a 4-inch woofer, and the total output is 28 watts. How retro does the Retro go? The cabinet is made of wood with a high-gloss lacquered finish. The circuitry inside is analog. The front is dominated by a whopping big, backlit volume knob. And even though you can get the unit in all black or in white with a silver grille, our fave is what you see here: groovy green with a dark-brown grille. The Retro comes with two iPod skins, one for the nano and one for the video. (

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